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Not All Trucking Companies Are the Same

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Not All Trucking Companies Are the Same

John Vantine
October 17, 2012

Whenever the term "trucking company" comes up, Fed Ex or UPS will most likely pop into your mind. This makes some sense on certain level. These companies have trucks traveling down every highway in America. Most people have probably also used their services to ship or receive a package. However, not all trucking companies are the same. There are also smaller trucking companies that perform on a much smaller scale. It's probably unlikely that these smaller companies can throw your freight on one of their airplanes and fly it across the country overnight. More likely than not, these companies don't even own an airplane. Additionally, they may not be able to accommodate the shipping of your one parcel. These companies leave that task to the larger companies who have that sort of infrastructure. However, this doesn't automatically mean that these smaller companies are at a disadvantage.

A trucking company doesn't have to perform every trucking service under the sun in order to find success. Smaller companies instead have found their niche. These companies gain a wealth of experience by only focusing on a particular niche. Most likely when a small trucking company claims they provide a particular service, it means they do it well. For example, a small trucking company may specialize in providing cross docking and TL and LTL trucking services for a particular geographical area. Because of this, the company becomes extremely familiar with the area and any region-specific problems that may arise. The company is also well-equipped to meet any potential problems head on. Another example is that a smaller trucking company may focus only on the shipping and handling of specific types of items. This gives the company a certain expertise with these types of items that other companies may not possess.

Smaller trucking companies also typically place a high value on personal service. This isn't to say that larger trucking companies don't value customer service; smaller companies simply treat customer service as an essential component of their business practices. These smaller companies also tend to have a quick turnaround time on answering customer questions and addressing potential problems.

When you hear the word "trucking company," you mind will probably still jump to an image of a large, relatively well-known trucking company. However, just remember that there are also smaller trucking companies out there who are providing niche-market services and are providing those services very well.

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