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5 Things You Should Do If You Are Stopped For Speeding

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5 Things You Should Do If You Are Stopped For Speeding

Les Foster
October 30, 2012

It's a common feeling we all get the moment we notice the blue and red flashing lights rapidly approaching from the rear. And just as you glance in the rear view mirror the highway patrol car is trailing closely. We know what that means a speeding ticket. What to do after you're pulled over is essential to avoiding additional damages to your driving record and ticket fine! Here are 5 essential things you should do if you're stopped for speeding.

1) Leave your seat belt on

It is commonplace for many people to turn off the engine and remove their seat belt. While this is normal behaviour it should be avoided when being stopped on a traffic violation such as speeding. It's always best to leave the seat belt on until the officer steps to the car to request information. Truthfully there's no real reason to take off the seat belt in the first place, especially since it mandatory by law. Of course you would take it off if the officer asks you to get out of the car, but that hardly ever happens unless the officer has just cause. Think of it in terms of the officer not being able to see from behind you, if you have your seat belt on. Therefore it's possible when he's giving you the speeding ticket and fails to see you wearing your seat belt, regardless if it was on before, he may speculate it wasn't and give you a ticket for not wearing your seat belt as well as speeding.

2) Never confess guilt

It's routine for an officer to ask you, if you know why he stopped you. But in this case even if you think you know you should never confess your own guilt. This is because there's a possibility you could be wrong. Not to mention you can give the officer another reason to add to your ticket and fine. So the next time an officer ask you do you know why he stopped you, pause and allow him to tell you his reasons and remember simply act surprised and amazed.

3) Be polite

It does you no good to be rude and confrontational with the traffic officer. He is merely doing his job because your broke the law. Confronting him about polices and procedures will only get you in more trouble.

4) Confirm the Violation

Many officers have poor handwriting which makes it difficult to understand the violations. For this reason make sure to ask the officer what the ticket entails before driving away.

5) Verify ticket fines and course of action

Most people believe that they have to pay their ticket in full. However this can be as damaging on your driving record. Contact the information number located on the ticket and find out how much the ticket is worth and what you need to do. There are other ways to circumvent ticket payment. For example traffic school may be much cheaper than the ticket plus it won't show on your driving record. Although there's a chance you don't have to do traffic school, especially if you feel falsely accused. In that case you may want to consult with an attorney.

If you've recently received a speeding ticket and you'd like to learn the proven "insider" secrets on how to beat the system...before it beats you...and avoid paying those expensive fines, surcharges, court costs and increased automobile insurance rates, then you're absolutely going to love what I'm about to reveal.

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