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Speeding On A Full Moon Along Interstate 10

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Speeding On A Full Moon Along Interstate 10

Les Foster
October 31, 2012

"Dude, seriously, where were you last night? You missed a great party!"

Dirk's Chemistry textbook crashed to the floor outside his locker, his face ashen. "Hey man, you wouldn't believe me if I told you."

Mike's grin faded. "Why, what happened? "

Dirk sighed. "Brenda and me, were going north on Interstate 10, y'know, right before the Desert Valley exit, when we see these flashing lights behind us. We'd both had a few drinks after our win last night, so I guess I panicked. Next thing I knew, I was speeding up the interstate."

"Dude, speeding? With a cop following you?"

"Yeah," Dirk said as he grew strangely quiet. "But that wasn't the worst part. Before we knew it, there was a bunch of them following us; cruisers, motorcycles, I think there was even a helicopter."

"So, what happened? Did you go to jail? But, if you're here, now, at school… how did you get away?"

"I didn't. I pulled off the highway on to some exit in the middle of nowhere. Next thing I knew we was surrounded by cops. I'll never forget it. Not as long as I live." Mike followed Dirk eyes to the scratches on his wrist. "Hey Mike, did you know it was a full moon last night?"

"What? Dirk, what are you talking about?"

The large, football player's brown eyes were wide as he looked at his buddy. "They were werewolves, Mike, friggin' werewolves, the whole lot of 'em. They pulled me over for speeding and reckless endangerment, that's what they called it. But they were laughing, some of them were even howling."

Mike couldn't believe his ears. "Werewolves? Cops? Is this some sort of Halloween joke?"

"No," Dirk's face was deadly serious. "They were all dressed up like cops, with uniforms and police vehicles. But they were werewolves, Mike… and they got Brenda."

"Whatdya mean?" Mike was staring at his friend. "Dirk, what do you mean they got Brenda?"

Dirk looked like a wild man, his eyes wide, crazy. "They took her, Mike, they put Brenda in the back of a cruiser and then they just drove off, like I wasn't even there."

"Did you follow them?"

"I couldn't. They took my keys and left me there."

"Hey Dirk. Hey Mike." A soft, clear voice called behind them.

Dirk's head snapped up as he turned quickly. "Brenda?!"

The small, petite brunette grinned. "Hey, what's up?"

"But… last night? Where did they take you?"

Mike looked from Dirk to Brenda, unsure what was happening as her grin faded. "What do you mean, what happened? Dirk, are you okay?"

"The Police, they got you. They took you away, last night, in that cruiser."

Now it was Brenda's turn to look confused. "What cruiser? Dirk, what are you talking about? You took me home last night, remember, after the game? You said you weren't feeling well. Guess your head got hit harder than you thought."

Dirk took a step back as it dawned on him what Brenda was saying. He looked at Mike, shaking his head. But before he could deny Brenda's story, Mike spoke up. "It's okay, Dude, we all have rough nights."

"Yeah, I guess." Dirk gave in and followed his friends down the hall.

A couple weeks later, Brenda broke up with her "favorite" football player. She even told her friends, "I've outgrown him, time to move on." Two weeks later, exactly four weeks since the last full moon, Brenda stopped coming to school.

That night, as Mike and Dirk were heading south on Interstate 10, they saw flashing lights ahead of them, brilliant blues and reds in the dark. Slowing down to avoid the mass of police vehicles, Mike grabbed Dirk's arm with his right hand. "What the... Dirk look at that cop!"

Dirk turned his head to see what Mike was looking at. There in the bright lights was a short female cop. her beige uniform did nothing to minimize her well-built curves and her long, thick brown hair. But as she looked their way, motioning the traffic to keep moving, it was her face that had gotten Mike's attention. "Brenda?" Dirk couldn't believe his eyes. "Brenda? It can't be."

There, amongst all the overgrown, hairy guys in police uniforms was Dirk's former girlfriend. As a howl sounded from somewhere in the night and two more followed, fear rippled down his spine. "Get us out of here, Mike. Get us out of here. NOW!"

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