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The Car Lover’s Ultimate Garage: What’s Inside

The Car Lover’s Ultimate Garage: What’s Inside

Sarah Bolt
November 21, 2012

For car lover’s, the garage of a reflection of themselves and their passion. Since you (or someone you know) spends so much time in your garage, why not take the home of your passion and turn it into a palace? Here’s a look at the must-haves for the ultimate car lover’s garage:

Residential-Use Vehicle Lifts

If you’re passionate about cars, chances are you’re going to spend more than a little time under them working on repairs and modifications. Crawling under a vehicle is hard on you and definitely not the most efficient way to get the job done. Solve that problem by installing a recreational-use vehicle lift. You’ll gain vertical storage and a more efficient work space.

Custom Storage

A job that should take one hour can easily take two if you can’t quickly locate the right tools. Give your car a proper home with a “bay” dedicated to the equipment and tools you’ll need to get any job down. Custom themed cabinetry and tool bins make sure everything has a proper home and are a great reflection of your passion.

Brand Specific Graphics

Sports fan deck their walls with custom graphics of their favorite teams and players, why not do the same? Thanks to a partnership with PremierGarage, Ford fanatics can outfit their garage with everything from themed wall art and cabinets to tables and chairs.

Heating and Cooling

Stop letting the weather outside dictate when you can pursue your passion and claim your garage all year round by installing heat and A/C. You spend a lot of time out there, right? Why not make it feel less out and more in.

Specialty Garage Flooring Covers

A great work space should be inspiring and chances are you won’t hear anyone use that word to describe a grey concrete floor. There a number of epoxies that will seal your floor, making it easier to clean up fluid leaks, and allow to choose the colors and designs that reflect what you’re about.

Hi-Tech Garage Door

If you’re a car lover, you’ve got some serious emotional and financial investments stored in your garage. New garage door models do a lot more than move up and down. They can close remotely or a timer, make sure the doorway’s clear or anything-- or anyone-- before closing, and provide a sense of safety with all the convenience you love.

A Little Bit of Luxury

Yes, the garage is a traditionally utilitarian space, but if you’re spending a lot of time in it why not make it a comfortable space? Add in a mini fridge and a sound system. You’ll be able to grab a cool refreshing drink without stopping what you’re doing. If you’ve got a smartphone, consider purchasing a wireless BlueTooth speaker. You’ll be able to control your music from your phone, allowing for maximum productivity and enjoyment.

A great garage comes down to two things: function and form. When you look at your garage ask yourself, “Does it do the job it needs to efficiently? Is this a place I can be proud to work and show to others?” You take pride in your car, now take pride in your garage.

Author Sarah Bolt would like to point out that your garage needs a great door too – if you live in Australia, check out the doors offered by the Steel Line Group, a heavy-duty garage door retailer.

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