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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series: Ford EcoBoost 200

Stock Car Racing Topics:  Ford EcoBoost 300

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series: Ford EcoBoost 200

Joey Coulter
November 16, 2012


KERRY THARP:  Joining us now is tonight's third‑place finisher, also third place in the points this year.  That's Joey Coulter.  He drives the No.22 Rip It Chevrolet.  Talk about your run out there tonight; certainly a solid, solid performance, a solid season for the No.22.  You got to victory lane, you finished third in the points in the Camping World Truck Series.  Talk about how that all feels right now.
JOEY COULTER:  It was great.  Tonight we didn't start off all that great.  I was kind of worried there for a while.  I got in the truck thinking I was really going to move forward, and we kind of got stuck there back around 11th or so.  But the guys on the 22 team, I mean, they just kept fighting and fighting and fighting.  Harold and my spotter working with me on the radio just kept fighting.  Harold made a pretty gutsy call there at the end for two tires and got us some good track position, which paid off there at the end.  I was kind of worried because the truck had been kind of a handful, but it was the right call, it worked, and I can't thank everybody at RCR enough for the opportunity.  It was an awesome night tonight.

Q.  Did your eyes get big at all toward the end there when you saw how the two guys ahead of you were battling coming around 4?
JOEY COULTER:  Yeah, my eyes got big and I started drooling hoping they'd race a little harder.  But it was exciting.
That's the awesome thing about the Truck Series, you can race like that from green to checkered, and it's such an awesome series to race in because of that, and I know it puts on a good show.
KERRY THARP:  Joey, you put on a nice show here this evening, certainly a great season for you.  Congratulations.
JOEY COULTER:  Thank you.

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