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Why Hyundai Cars are Great for Young Adults

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Why Hyundai Cars are Great for Young Adults

Mark Etinger
September 1, 2012

Hyundai cars are increasingly becoming the vehicle of choice for those entering college, graduating college or otherwise in the 18-26 age bracket. What factors are driving this surge in Hyundai car use by young adults? Let's examine the trend.

For one, Hyundai has a lot of programs that are aimed specifically at young people. College graduates can get an extra $400 in rebates. Young people in the military can also apply for a number of special deals and rebates. Even people who do not apply for military and graduation rebates can enjoy the Hyundai down payment price match. Hyundai will match you dollar for dollar on the down payment you make on a 2011, 2012 or 2013 Hyundai vehicle up to $500. This is good towards a Hyundai Sonata lease, Hyundai Elantra lease or just about any other Hyundai car lease. Choosing to lease a Hyundai makes financial sense for young people who need to be smart with their money.

For people who are in college, particularly those who drive to school every semester, Hyundai's fuel efficient line up of cars is an enticing option. Driving to and from school for holidays, breaks and family functions can get costly, especially for those who need to drive across state lines to go to school. Frankly, most students just cannot afford a car that will guzzle gas on long and frequent trips home. Hyundai cars are also among the most spacious on the market. This makes moving in at the beginning of the semester and taking your stuff back home at the end of it much easier.

Young people enjoy their technology, and the numerous tech features on Hyundai cars prove hard to resist. Things like touchscreen display, keyless ignition, Bluetooth and Apple device compatibility all help make Hyundai cars that much more irresistible. There are also the less obvious technological perks of a Hyundai vehicle. The smooth handling, precise brakes and extreme reliability are all products of research and work done at Hyundai labs, many of which are here in America. Hyundai cars all have top safety ratings, another result of tireless research. The safety rating is the main reason parents feel so comfortable letting their young adult children drive Hyundai cars.

Considering the newest addition to the Hyundai collection offers the same, value, fuel efficiency and technological gadgetry, the trend of young people buying Hyundai cars or choosing to lease Hyundai cars will probably not change anytime soon.

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