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A Guide To Buying A Used Ford Escape

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A Guide To Buying A Used Ford Escape

Raia Anne Martin
November 16, 2012

There's simply no shame in getting a used vehicle; these days, many people are likely to go for second-hand vehicles (even third-hand) for good reasons. With the global economic recession making a different mindset about "possessions", it's no wonder second-hand car dealerships are thriving. Who really demands a brand new vehicle, the value of which depreciates by 40% in its first year?

If you're deciding on buying a second hand vehicle that's the ideal level of style and function, one of your choices might be a used Ford Escape, and why not? The Ford Escape has several impressive qualities that will not get compromised even though you purchase them second-hand. The size is perfect for a small family or even for someone who has a really lively lifestyle. It offers a smooth and satisfying ride each time despite its size, and features much better fuel economy in comparison to other SUVs in the market nowadays.

Therefore, if you're presently set on purchasing a used Ford Escape, listed below are the points that you must do to be sure that you undoubtedly get the best value for your money.

Investigate on the unique features of the Ford Escape design that you wish to buy and check if they are found in the ones you're looking at. Often, owners customize their "ride" and change specific features for a more "loaded" look, which doesn't always equate to an upgrade. Comprehending the original capabilities would allow you to determine if the SUV's selling price matches its value. For the 2004 Escape, which was the first hybrid SUV - it should have the "hybrid" logo located on the front doors as well as on the tailgate. Also really worth noting is the smaller size of the rearmost side window on the driver's side which is an essential distinction from the regular Ford Escape. According to Ford, this permits for the installation of a vent opening for the battery.

Ask for its maintenance history. This will provide you with a perception of problems that may arise sometime soon and the best place to take the SUV for repairs and replacements of parts.

Many professionals advise against inspecting the automobile during the night or on a bad weather day since insufficient lighting and wet marks may easily conceal flaws, such as scrapes as well as bruises.

Use the Escape on a "quality" test drive for a thorough assessment of its mechanical state and to find out if it's actually a sensible choice for you. Several experts suggest taking along for the spin a Ford specialist mechanic who will properly assist you determine if the SUV is running correctly.

Acquire all the important licenses and other records; hopefully the retailer would include the manual or handbook.

Purchasing your vehicle can surely be a pleasant experience, but this task can also be diffiult especially if you are wanting to buy for a pre-owned vehicle. Knowing some important elements to check will create better chances of getting a vehicle that you truly desire. Visit http://www.hannafords.ca/used-inventory/index.htm to know more information.

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