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Chevrolet Aveo is GM's Inexpensive Vehicle

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Chevrolet Aveo is GM's Inexpensive Vehicle

Joe Ratzkin
April 6, 2006

General Motors’ Chevrolet division is the brand under which the Chevrolet Aveo is marketed. It has been crafted as a subcompact automobile that is marketed not only in the United States and in the rest of North America but it is also marketed and offered globally. It has been said that this vehicle came from two vehicles which are the Daewoo Kalos and the Daewoo Gentra. The Daewoo Kalos was first produced back in 2002 and it was marketed using the Chevrolet Aveo name from 2004 up until 2006. As per the Daewoo Gentra, this vehicle came into production just last year, 2005, and plans for this vehicle are that come 2007, it will be then known as the Chevrolet Aveo.

Last year, the Chevrolet Aveo’s model for 2006 was introduced to the public in Shanghai. However, as per this vehicle’s debut in Europe, this was made possible during the Frankfurt auto show. General Motors claim that this vehicle is quite considered to be all new although one could notice that it still shares some parts with the outgoing 2005 model. It still held the same windshield, two windows, and some large sections of its body structure. It also holds a crisp and clean styling which is one of the changes that Chevrolet vehicles are sporting around.

As per the power that the Chevrolet Aveo holds, interested parties could actually choose between two engines. There is a 1.2 liter engine and a 1.4 liter engine. However, the choices does not end there for the Chevrolet Aveo. After all, the company has made sure that customers and Chevrolet Aveo owners could spruce up their cars with features and packages. As per standard equipment for the vehicle, the list includes air conditioning, power windows, power locks, and power side mirrors.

The price of the Chevrolet Aveo is not found on the high end. In fact, it is one of the cheapest cars around. Despite the fact that it is cheap, the Chevrolet Aveo is very much capable of delivering and performing well. Each passenger is given an enjoyable experience inside the cabin. Also, drivers find the Chevrolet Aveo a vehicle that is very fun to drive.

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