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Alternative Power Cars on Display

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Alternative Power Cars on Display

Tracy Dawson
April 19, 2006

People have been searching for ways so as to reduce the costs of driving and the costs of purchasing gas. This phenomenon has been occurring not only at present when gas prices are jumping sky high. Albeit, this phenomenon has been in the works in the automobile industry for years already.

These cars that hold the capacity to get its power from alternate sources of energy are actually dubbed as alternative power cars. And some of the most groundbreaking will be on display at the Peterson Automotive Museum. This showcasing of alternative power cars would open on the 22nd of April this year. For people who are interested, the Peterson Automotive Museum would be showing off and displaying alternative power cars that have not only been crafted at present. In fact, it would be showcasing this type of cars from the past up, since 1894, until those that would be coming soon in the near future.

The Peterson Automotive Museum is actually a pioneer in educating people about automobiles and the automotive world. It also is, at present, one of the largest and finest museums that showcase vehicles. This showcasing of alternative power cars will hold the title “Alternative Power: Propulsion After Petroleum”. This event would be running for a couple of months up until the 10th of September this same year.

Alternate sources of energy for vehicles have come in a large array of materials. Gas is not the only source of energy for these machines. Alternative power cars have been crafted and designed so as to use steam, electricity, coal gas, fuel cells, and turbine as their sources of power.

According to Dick Messer, who is Petersen Automotive Museum’s director, “The Alternative Power exhibit traces the exciting evolution of automotive fuels and power sources from steam to hydrogen. Experimentation and discovery of new technologies is what really drives the auto industry and a walk through this exhibit is an entertaining trip from the past into our future beyond petroleum.”

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