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NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series: Florida Dodge Dealers 250

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Florida Dodge Dealers 250

NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series: Florida Dodge Dealers 250

Todd Bodine
February 18, 2005


THE MODERATOR: We're joined by third place finisher Todd Bodine. Todd, driver of the No. 66 Toyota. Take us through the finish. Pretty wild, pretty crazy even after the checkered flag fell. Talk about your trucks. You guys were up front all night long, you felt you were in a good position to maybe win this race.

TODD BODINE: Yeah, we had a great truck, the Toyota Tundra was awesome. It's kind of hard to believe that 30 days ago this race team didn't exist. Less than that, this truck didn't even exist. It's pretty incredible to come here and finish third. Just a testament to the race team, Tony Furr and Gary Showalter, Tom Elders, the truck owner, the whole team, I mean, they worked hard. We got some trucks ready to go for the year. We're looking good. The race was pretty incredible. My first speedway race in a truck, first race here at Daytona in a truck. I tell you what, they're a lot harder to drive than the car, for sure. They jump around a lot more, get sucked around a lot. Give a lot of these guys credit. I know we had a few wrecks, but there should have been a whole lot more. We're proud to be the highest finishing Toyota. Gives us a good start on the season. Third in points. That's pretty good for a brand-new team.

THE MODERATOR: What did you have in store for those last couple laps? What was your strategy?

TODD BODINE: Well, I was kind of hoping it would go green/white checkered at the end. I think I would have had something for them. At the end there, I never expected Bobby to come up through there like that on the bottom. Ricky had said he was going to stick with me. Evidently he slid up a little and Bobby got under him. I was running up the racetrack a little bit to try to stick with Ricky. Bobby got under me. That's why we got pushed back. But the trucks, they punch such a big hole in the air, it just allows for great racing like that. It's a shame they can't get the cars to do the same thing.

THE MODERATOR: Questions from the media center.

Q. When the yellow light came on, there was no question Bobby was the winner in your mind? What did you think?

TODD BODINE: In the truck, you don't see the yellow light. You don't know that instant that it comes on. I thought Jimmy was ahead. But, you know, I'm sure that they reviewed enough tapes and watched the time footage and when the light came on, who was in front. They've got it down pretty good. You know, if that's their decision, that's their decision.

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