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Replacing Your Vehicle's Lights

Replacing Your Vehicle's Lights

Sarah McBride
April 28, 2006

Imagine a car without lights. If you owned a vehicle without lights, you surely would not want to be caught driving once the sun starts to set. You would be rushing somewhere to park your car and would rather walk home. This is much especially true since car lights are very important aspects of the whole machine. In fact, it could be said that these lights serve as the guide and the car’s eyes that has the ability to show what is on the road ahead. But these lights also do get tired. They also do need a little inspection now and then and they also would need replacement.

Take time to browse through your car owner’s manual to check about the specifications regarding your car’s headlights and taillights. It is important that you know the facts regarding these lights so you would know when they need replacement. Information on what kind of lights you would need for their replacement could also be found in the manual.

Removing taillights could be quite difficult if you do not know how to do it. The tricky part is that some cars need you to pull the socket right out from inside the trunk while others do not let you do so. Take the Ford Focus hatchback as an example. Its taillight actually has one screw holding the light housing in place on the outside. Now to remove the light itself, you would be able to access this screw by opening the tailgate first.

On the other hand, headlights could be actually accessed more easily compared to tail lights. For a sealed-beam headlight, there are around two or three screws along with a ring around the lamp itself. These hold the bulb in place. Once the bulb is actually removed, it unplugs easily.

For sidemarker lights, you can access these through going underneath the front fender. Hold on to the socket and then turn it counterclockwise. By doing such, you would be able to remove it from its housing. Installation for all lights is the same trick as removing them.

For purchasing replacement lights, Auto Parts Deal offers the most impressive line up of these for various vehicle brands and marques. They also offer Ford parts and other vehicle parts and accessories.

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