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Ford and Kelly Clarkson Team Up For "Bold Moves"

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Ford and Kelly Clarkson Team Up For "Bold Moves"

Sarah McBride
May 5, 2006

Bold Moves is the new marketing campaign strategy for the Ford Motor Company. And at present, it is already on the move. The company has enlisted the assistance of two-time Grammy award winner and American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. She will be part of Bold Moves which actually aims to put consumers at the center of this campaign.

This new marketing campaign strategy will be dwelling more on customers and their lives. Aside from this, it would also be aiming at showcasing the various Ford products. The spotlight would also be shining on Ford customers and employees who did or who are currently making bold moves in their individual lives.

Cisco Codina, the group vice president of North America Marketing’s Sales and Service department, states, “At the center of Bold Moves are the choices people make every day about how to live their lives – that’s what drives the action.”Mark Fields, the company’s executive vice president and president for the Americas, adds, “What you will see is very original in execution, but very Ford at its heart. It starts to fulfill the promise we made in January, as part of our Way Forward plan, to think like our customers and see the world through their eyes.”

Bold Moves would be covering not only specific Ford products and vehicles. This campaign would also be focusing on the entire brand and all the other individual Ford nameplates. The company claims that this is a very creative strategy and would be felt and heard and seen by the market on various media like the Internet, broadcast advertising, and print advertising, among many others.

Al Giombetti is the president of Ford and Lincoln Mercury marketing and sales. He also is the vice president of the whole Ford Motor Company. In his position, he had something to say about this advertising campaign: “It’s not business as usual at Ford, and we’re playing to win with bold products like the F-Series, the Fusion, and the Edge. Bold Moves underscores those points but says to customers, ‘this is about you – not us.’” George Rogers, the president and CEO of JWT Detroit which was the company that developed the whole Bold Moves campaign, had something to add as well, “Bold Moves is so much more than a tag line change. It’s a new way of thinking at Ford that delivers marketing actions and more brand and customer focus.”

Simply put, Bold Moves also shows everybody that the Ford Motor Company is still holding on to its values that it had before. Customers are indeed important and Bold Moves is a way of showing them their importance to the company. Auto parts manufacturers are also taking their share when it comes to saying thank you to customers.

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