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Automotive Glass Coating - What You Should Know

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Automotive Glass Coating - What You Should Know

Michael Tveter
June 1, 2013

Probably the most practical modification that you can do on your car is to apply a new automotive glass coating, also known as tinting, on the windows and windshield. Granted that it does really make the car look a lot more sophisticated and beautiful, there are also some other great benefits that come from making the windows of your car a bit darker than it normally was. In this article, you will be learning about some of these benefits and maybe after reading about them, you would also be enticed to try it out for yourself.

Benefits of Automotive glass coating

One of the biggest benefits of having glass coating and your car windows tinted is that it can help keep the cabin cool. If you have ever left your car parked under the sun in a particularly hot, summer day, then you must know just how unbearably hot it will be inside the car. But if your windows were tinted to prevent around 60 to 70 percent of the sunlight from getting inside, it would still be hot inside the car, but considerably less than what it was before you got new automotive glass coating installed.

And, because the glass coating and window tinting make it easier for your car to stay cool even on hot days, this means that your car's air conditioner would not have to work hard to keep you comfortably cool inside the car. When your air conditioner does not have to work too hard, then it would also mean that your car would be burning less amounts of fuel.

More about Automotive glass coating

Besides keeping your car cool, high end glass coating or tinting can also help you drive by reducing the glare that goes through the car windshield. It can be pretty hard to see the road when the cars that are coming from the opposite lane is reflecting the light of the sun towards your eyes. Special window tinting works like sunglasses, they not only reduce the brightness outside; they can also cut down the glare that comes from oncoming traffic and other objects on the road. Just keep in mind that you are required by the law to not put a window tinting that is too dark on your windshield, they should always be two or three levels below the level of glass coating you have on your windows.

But even though there are so many benefits that you can get from a good quality automotive glass coating, you need to keep in mind that there are laws in place that regulate their use. For instance, there are some cities where it is illegal for you to use a window tint that can block out more than 30 percent of the sun's light, and there are some places where reflective window tints are illegal to use.

The author, a Northern California native, is a lifelong entrepreneur and marketing professional with a passion for empowering the growth within individuals and their businesses. He has a deep passion for open honest healthy relationships of integrity, love and compassion. Check out his window tinting business and his Facebook group

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