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What the Law Says About Car Glass Tinting

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What the Law Says About Car Glass Tinting

Michael Tveter
June 1, 2013

Glass tinting is always vital in cars. When you buy a new car, you can choose to have the windows tinted or not, though most people choose the tinted option. When you choose to get tinted glass windows, more often than not, the kind of tint used is not up to your expectations; the reason being, the car makers use glass tinting that is within the low end of what is acceptable to the law, and this usually means that the tint is not dark enough for your tastes. Fortunately, you can choose to get the best glass tinting done in many garages all around town, the problem now is do you even know what kind of tinting you can legally use on your ride?

Legal issues to Consider about glass tinting

One of the things that you need to take into consideration about glass tinting is the amount of light that is allowed to pass through the window tinting. In some cities, tinting that blocks almost 70 percent of visible light is allowed, while in others, over 30 percent is already illegal. You should also take into consideration that reflective, or mirror tinting is not legal in most cities and states, so if this is your preferred type of glass tinting, then it is best to check your local laws before you have it installed just in case.

If you are planning to use window glass tinting on the windshield as well, then you need to know that it should not exceed the darkness of the windows. The truth is that you should not even think of installing an overly dark tint on the windshield not just because it is illegal, but because it is also dangerous for you to do so; just think of how difficult it will be for you to drive around at night with a heavily-tinted windshield. It may look more stylish to have a heavily-tinted windshield, but it is also very impractical and dangerous to use.

Glass tinting Installation

Installing glass tinting on the windows of your car does have many practical uses, one of which is that it is used to block out as much of the sunlight from getting inside the car and heating up the insides, this will make it easier for the air conditioner to keep the cabin cool. It also adds a lot of flair to the car you are driving, it is like you are constantly making people think about who is behind those tinted windows of your. But with all of these perks, you should also remember that there are laws that you need to follow regarding automotive glass tinting, and you better follow them if you do not want to get into trouble.

To know more about the glass tinting laws, you should ask the police in your area, or you can just do some research online.

The author, a Northern California native, is a lifelong entrepreneur and marketing professional with a passion for empowering the growth within individuals and their businesses. He has a deep passion for open honest healthy relationships of integrity, love and compassion. Check out his window tinting business and his Facebook group

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