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ClearBra Protection System

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ClearBra Protection System

Michael Tveter
May 31, 2013

ClearBra Protection is designed to protect the paint on your car. It is every car owner's worst nightmare to find even minor scratches on their car's paint. Unfortunately it is only natural for your car's paint to get damaged due to daily use, and there is nothing that you can do to prevent it, or is there? There is actually a product out there that can help protect your car's very expensive paint job and keep it looking like new for many years, and it is called the ClearBra Protection film. If you are curious about this product and what it can do for you, then you should continue reading this article for more information.

What ClearBra Protection is all about

ClearBra Protection is a unique paint protection system. It is a thin, clear film that you stretch out all over the panels of your car to prevent minor scratches from damaging the pristine paint underneath. When you have ClearBra installed on your car, you no longer have to fear about rocks, dirt, grits, and other road debris from leaving their mark on your car's almost perfect paint.

The ClearBra Protection system comes either in a complete roll or pre-cut according to the make and model of your car. To install it, all you need is a steady hand, and a rubber squeegee to squeeze out the bubbles that form underneath the thin film. Keep in mind that before you apply the ClearBra film over the panels of your vehicle, you should spray the surface liberally using the solution that comes with the kit; as long as there is solution underneath the film, you can still adjust the position of the ClearBra film for a perfect fit.

If you are not that confident with your handiwork, you can always have ClearBra Protection professionally installed from the place where you bought it.

How Long Does ClearBra Protection Last?

With proper care and maintenance, it is possible for your ClearBra Protection film to last for seven years, after which it will start to dull. You should also know that the film will turn slightly yellow in color after continuous exposure to the sun's UV rays; this may not be too much of an issue if you have a darker colored vehicle, but if your paint is white, then it may become a minor nuisance.

Is it worth to install ClearBra Protection on your car? Yes, it is definitely worth the money. Nothing makes a vehicle more unattractive than having lots of scratches on the paint job, and repairing the damage will also be very expensive and time consuming, so spending some more on the ClearBra Protection system is a good investment. So do not wait until your car is full of scratches, cover it with ClearBra now and preserve its beauty for as long as possible.

The author, a Northern California native, is a lifelong entrepreneur and marketing professional with a passion for empowering the growth within individuals and their businesses. He has a deep passion for open honest healthy relationships of integrity, love and compassion. Check out his window tinting business and his Facebook group

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