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Tow Bars

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Tow Bars

Donna Fuller
July 30, 2013

When bending, folding, CAD designing and cutting the raw material, the professionals use both automated and manual machinery. Some of them include CNC Mandrel, plasma cutter, bender and folding equipment. They are all used during the entire process of aluminum and steel manufacturing is complete.

What are some common tow bars available? Remember, towbar prices are determined by the quality of the product and the materials used.

Fixed Swan Neck

Fixed swan neck is a type of tow bar with the least flexibility compared to other models. It is designed in such a way that its flexibility cannot support any extra attachments. This means that when this bar is worn out, the probability of replacing it or adding on some accessories is minimal.

However, this type of towbar also has its advantages as shown below.

It can be easily removed since it is bolted

It can be fixed on an Alko stabilizer system

Fixed flange ball towbars

Flange towballs are available in either a four hole or two hole face plate designs. These types of towbars are unique in a way that they are designed to provide a 25mm spacer between towball and the towbar flange.

Such types of towbars have the following advantages.

Replacement of a damaged or worn out towball is straightforward and affordable. In fact, it does not require an individual to replace the entire towbar

It consists of attachment plates for a caravan stabilizer

It includes cycle carriers that are directly bolted to provide secure fixing arrangement

It also includes bumper protector plates, which protect the coupling head from destroying or damaging the bumper

Detachable/Removable Towbar

Unlike fixed swan neck where a motorist is restricted to fix or replace the damaged bar, removable swan neck supports all fixing processes since it can be easily removed thus providing space for the replacement. In addition, the detachable towbar are easy, reliable and safe to use. In fact, they give a room for the number plate to remain visible.

This modern technology has been in practice for many years hence proven efficient. A detachable towbar is as strong as the fixed flange. This means, they have similar capacity of towing. The number of motorists going for detachable towbar systems is increasing on a daily basis because of the available flexibility in them.

The following are some of the advantages of removable swan neck towbars.

Motorists can remove them out of their cars when they are not in use. This is mainly done to preserve the shin.

When the neck is taken out, the towbar can be hidden completely though this depends on the vehicle.

They allow unrestricted access to car boot.

Formula Offroad has been in the business for the past 21 years. It is a family-run business, which deals with the manufacturing of aluminum and steel accessories for both commercial and private vehicles. The major clients of this company include local energy companies, commercial fleets, local forestry departments as well as small business fleets.

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