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Champ Car World Series: Belgian Champ Car Grand Prix

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Open Wheel Racing Topics:  Belgian Champ Car Grand Prix

Champ Car World Series: Belgian Champ Car Grand Prix

Robert Doornbos
August 24, 2007


THE MODERATOR: We have driver of the #14 car Minardi USA car. Unfortunately, Robert, you were unable to continue from the qualifying session after a spectacular blow up there in practice. (Laughter)
ROBERT DOORNBOS: Well, I'm surprised how many people came out actually. Thank you for coming and listening to my story, what happened. It's very unfortunate obviously. It's been a tough day for the team anyhow. But, you know, highlight was that we worked on the car very hard between the sessions, and in the practice before qualifying the car was obviously very competitive.
Then I went out just to do the final check before qualifying and the engine blew in the pit lane. A lot of smoke. Obviously not the way you want to continue your championship. And I'm sure for my competitors, Power will be smiling because it's not good. If I do what I'm here to do and drive as fast as I can, and if the car holds in one piece, hopefully I can go for the pole position tomorrow.
ROBERT DOORNBOS: Obviously it's my luck again. It's been like the first time in ten years something like this happened. The whole engine inside is destroyed. Yeah, so it's not a good thing. So hopefully we have some more luck tomorrow and all the fans come out.

Q. Have you driven at Zolder before?
ROBERT DOORNBOS: No. Not really. Just from the session here at practice. These cars are a bit faster and a lot more fun to drive. Yeah, I think they did an amazing job with the circuit. It's very smooth, and that's something we have to get used to. The circuits are very bumpy and we find new things for the puddles that seemed to work.

Q. Was it a fresh engine in the car?
ROBERT DOORNBOS: We were supposed to do two weekends with it.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Robert, for coming out.

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