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Champ Car World Series: Generac Grand Prix

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Open Wheel Racing Topics:  Generac Grand Prix

Champ Car World Series: Generac Grand Prix

Sebastien Bourdais
Dan Clarke
Graham Rahal
August 12, 2007


DANIEL CLARKE: Well, I didn't see, he just ran wide on turn three right in front of me. And I had gotten that -- really run out of three so I got on top of that and just went right around him. That was pretty much -- I didn't see any issue at that point. But later I looked in my mirror, no one was in sight. So I knew something was going on.
But it didn't matter for me at that point. It was good knowing I was clear of him because it was the championship and everything else. I'm trying to hold up my end of the deal and get the wins if I can and certainly I knew at that point that there's a point there's going to be some (indiscernible) and just parts so I don't know what happened.
SEBASTIEN BOURDAIS: Graham picked him off. It was fine for me. Then he got in my line and he fell from behind, chasing around. He got right behind me, came wide. Waited until we came back.

Q. What goes through your mind and how do you hope to actually get --
DANIEL CLARKE: For me actually when I got by them I started to catch them. I probably wasn't using as much fuel. But I thought actually I did think our car had the pace to run with them today. It's just unfortunate at the very end we had to pit and we were so far out. I think we could have run hard, it would have been a lot more interesting.
But certainly no matter what it's pretty exciting for me today. It's okay.
Q. (Off mic.)
GRAHAM RAHAL: Coming in the race, being the last -- I'm having a very good (indiscernible) one position.

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