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IndyCar Series: SunTrust Indy Challenge presented by XM Satellite Radio

Open Wheel Racing Topics:  SunTrust Indy Challenge presented by XM Satellite Radio

IndyCar Series: SunTrust Indy Challenge presented by XM Satellite Radio

Scott Dixon
Buddy Rice
June 30, 2007


MODERATOR: We're joined by second place finisher Scott Dixon, and Buddy Rice is also here. Scott, we'll start with your race. You won this race back in 2003 for the pole and similar fashion out there with Dario.
First of all, take us through your race; and you did have enough fuel to make it. So I'm sure you're kind of sad you got cautioned out there especially knowing Dario wasn't so sure himself.
SCOTT DIXON: I'm not even sure what the caution was for.
MODERATOR: There was some contact.
SCOTT DIXON: The race wasn't too bad. I think the car was pretty comfortable. One of the better cars I've had in recent years. The track was just a bit of an issue tonight. I think it was really hard to get out of these people, get through the marbles. So that was tough. We're a quick car.
Dario was definitely fast. I think it definitely helped. Our guys did a good job in the pit stop. All in all not a bad night.
MODERATOR: Let's go to Buddy Rice. Second straight top 5 for you coming off your fourth place win at Iowa last week. Take us through the race tonight.
BUDDY RICE: Iowa is a bit of a give me. Tonight was a legit one from the back. It's like Iowa, the wind tunnel. I think we would have been contending for, put us in (indiscernible). It's good for the team. We had good pit stops. Need a couple more pieces of the puzzle and follow it more consistently inside the top 10.
MODERATOR: Scott, with Dario coming in tonight leading the points, you were third coming in. Obviously you lost a little ground, not a whole lot. I think you're still satisfied with that.
SCOTT DIXON: We moved up in the points for second. Lost two more points, actually probably more than that, 12 points. Something like that. So that's not what we need.
I think we probably would have had a shot if it wasn't for Sam sort of trying to gain a lap back. It was a bit frustrating. And the fuel as you mentioned, Dario got back to the front and held his position.
So didn't make too much ground on anything.

Q. Was it harder to pass a lot more than previous races here; and if it was, what was the reason?
SCOTT DIXON: It's always tough to pass here. From what I could tell, definitely a lot of cars, it was really hard to get close to the car in front of you. The only difference I could see from recent years, the race cars were a lot closer and difficult to dive under. People were sitting back because of losing traction and coming off. (Indiscernible) we were running really bad. And it got stuck and stuck in position and (indiscernible) but the tires were good. Had good grip. Did a good job. There was so many marbles to risk it.

Q. Buddy, you guys have really been moving up of late. And you've had some (indiscernible) and stuff. What's the difference that put you guys in the front? You're looking good.
BUDDY RICE: Like I said, Iowa was a bit of a give me. My car wasn't fast at all. We stayed out of trouble. Pretty much stayed lucky in that whole deal. But here we came from, I think we started 12th or 13th and moving up. We've got a couple more pieces of the puzzle. Run consistent towards the front. I think a few more pieces and we'll be a lot better off.
It's taken a lot of work to get to the front. We need more sponsorship, help our R&D, pick up on some of other programs that we really want to start working on focusing on, take the run with these guys.
Rahal Letterman, and we're running up front, and vying for a championship. It takes a lot of work. We made some pretty big strides here so far. To make the next couple is going to take money and a few more pieces of the pie to be put together.

Q. Scott, what was the most difficult part of the track tonight? I know some were diving all the way through the corner. Was it coming off or getting in?
SCOTT DIXON: It was definitely difficult (indiscernible). They're struggling off of 4. I was pretty good. My car was good. Trying to run, it was difficult. We were struggling off of 4. But all night it was just a difference between (indiscernible).

Q. Did that help at all?
SCOTT DIXON: It's tough. With the series as it is now, you have five additional (indiscernible). It's very hard. Dario and I aren't that close on driving style. So to take the information from -- it's the same as the test in Milwaukee. You can take some of it, but not a lot. But whenever you line up the cars on the track, it definitely helps. In the past we've definitely struggled, ninth or tenth. Last year we've moved a long ways from last year.

Q. (Question about Sam Hornish)
SCOTT DIXON: Sam was trying to pass the leader two or three laps. I didn't see any confusion in that. It was frustrating because it was obvious that, basically to try to make a pass, when you're down for the lead, he just took that away.
MODERATOR: Thanks, guys.

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