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Firestone Indy Lights: Miami 100

Open Wheel Racing Topics:  Miami 100

Firestone Indy Lights: Miami 100

Dillion Battistini
March 29, 2008


THE MODERATOR: All right, guys, thank you very much.
Now joined by race winner Dillion Battistini.
First Firestone Indy Lights start, started on the front row. Driving for Panther Racing. Dillion, talk about your day out there.
DILLION BATTISTINI: I've had an incredible day. It's surreal. My first race on an oval. I had my rookie test -- the first time I ever drove on an oval was a week ago. Qualifying yesterday the car was fantastic. And I qualified second. The second day I had ever been in the car. So it could take a while for this all to sink in. I can't believe it's happening, to be honest.
THE MODERATOR: So was it easy?
DILLION BATTISTINI: Never easy, but it's a lot easier when your car's good I will say that. Because the car's just been fantastic. And the team have done an unbelievable job
THE MODERATOR: Your plans for the rest of the year? You are with Panther full time.
DILLION BATTISTINI: I'm signed for the whole season so I'm here for good.

Q. Dillion, having run your first oval in competition, they're going a lot faster and everybody is going the same speed pretty much. Anything surprise you, were you concerned running side-by-side did that bother you?
DILLION BATTISTINI: To be honest, I was a bit more worried about running close to people at those sorts of speeds before the race. So I just didn't think about it too much. Once you are in race mode, you don't worry about things like that. You just get on with the job.

Q. So where do you go from here? You won your first --
DILLION BATTISTINI: Keep winning, till I'm champion, that's the plan.

Q. I don't want to get long term on you but I will. Are you planning to do some IndyCar series tests in Vitor's car? Is that part of the package
DILLION BATTISTINI: Yes, that's part of my package. So I will be testing, doing some IndyCar testing as well. And hopefully racing at the end of the year.
THE MODERATOR: Any other questions? All right, Dillion, congratulations. Welcome to the series.

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