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Firestone Indy Lights: Chicagoland 100

Open Wheel Racing Topics:  Chicagoland 100

Firestone Indy Lights: Chicagoland 100

James Davison
Andrew Prendeville
August 29, 2009


THE MODERATOR: We'll get started with our post-race press conference. We're joined by second place James Davison, third place Andrew Prendeville. James, why don't we start with you and talk about your run out there today.
JAMES DAVISON: Yeah, I mean, it was a really good race and just basically all day I was just playing the role of a wing man, just trying to protect whoever the leader was. At this track if you try and go for a run on someone around the outside and don't have any help from behind, everyone sucks up on the leader and you can get boxed out and go back to 5th place.
So I was aware of that, and yeah, was just basically just trying to set myself up for the last lap to time a run. But you know, when my teammate got in front of me, I thought -- I was satisfied to finish second and give him a win this year. Some things haven't gone quite right for him. I didn't want to get too greedy, either.
So yeah, it was an exciting race, and definitely I played the role of a good teammate.
THE MODERATOR: Andrew, why don't we get started with you and your run out there today.
ANDREW PRENDEVILLE: Yeah, we had a good run. We came from the back. We had some fuel pressure problems this whole morning, our practice session, we had some issues, and then we got to qualifying and we had some more fuel pressure issues, so we started from the back.
But we had a really good car, and we just tried to slowly pick some people off and work our way up. And at the end we definitely had to work hard to fight with James and Daniel, but like James said, he was being a great teammate and made it very difficult for me. But it was a good race, and I think we put on a good show and I'm happy to be on the podium.

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