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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series: Chevy Silverado 250

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Chevy Silverado 250

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series: Chevy Silverado 250

Chad Hackenbracht
Miguel Paludo
Darrell Wallace, Jr.
September 1, 2013


THE MODERATOR: Good afternoon everyone and welcome to our post‑race press conference with our second‑ and third‑place finishers and our highest‑finishing rookie, which incidentally he ended up finishing fourth. Obviously Chad Hackenbracht finishing second today and driving the No. 51 Kyle Busch Motorsports truck, Miguel Paludo finishing third, and Darrell Wallace finishing fourth today and our highest‑finishing rookie. Chad, tell us about your run today.
CHAD HACKENBRACHT: It was great all day long. We sort of raced our own race, didn't worry about what anyone else was doing. Rudy and the guys got the truck handling really good. We didn't hardly make any changes. I couldn't ask for much better of a race. I'm going to be smiling for a couple days here. It's pretty sweet to finish here in my third start in the Truck Series, so I'm pretty pumped.
THE MODERATOR: Miguel, you had another great top‑three run, very consistent all weekend long. Tell us about it.
MIGUEL PALUDO: Yeah, we had a great, great truck. Unfortunately strategy didn't pay off for us, a caution didn't come out at the right time, and on the last stop I dropped from 1st to 14th with 17 laps to go and I couldn't recover like I wanted, like we wanted as a team. But good day, good points day. We gained a lot over everybody, I think, and just excited to be here. It was a really good race.
THE MODERATOR: Darrell, obviously talk about your run. It was awful exciting there those last few laps.
DARRELL WALLACE JR.: Yeah, for sure. We got into the 77 a little bit in a scuffle earlier and he tried to pay me back on the last restart. We were able to pull away, and I just knew we would finish where we were, 7th, and then I go into Turn 9 and see three trucks off in the tire barrier. We barely got‑‑ luckily we got fourth, so that's awesome after the two bad finishes we had at Michigan and Bristol. Now we're back up in the top 10 like we want to be, and if we can just keep this good streak going, it'll be good. I just can't thank Camping World and Good Sam enough and Toyota for all the support.

Q. This is the first road race in 13 years for the trucks. Do you think you should have more? Everybody was happy. I don't know about what it was like from your side, but I think the 45‑ or 50,000 fans who were here today went home pretty happy.
MIGUEL PALUDO: No doubt. I think we should have two or three next year. It's super exciting, and it's like dirt racing, everybody loves it, and the fans came out and supported us. I love road racing, and I expect to have more and more in the future.

Q. Chad, talk about running the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series race right before this. Did that help you with today's finish?
CHAD HACKENBRACHT: The Canadian Tire Series event definitely helped. It helped me notice that you could go in the outside on some of these corners and have that preferred line going into the next one and it would stick on the outside and in the previous corner. So it definitely helped a ton. I wish they would have finished that race out so I could finish a little better, but definitely helped for this truck race, and going forward in the Truck Series we're going to Vegas, will be my last race in the Truck Series this year. Looking forward to it. I feel like going into Vegas for me, it's going to be a good race, just I've learned a lot more about these trucks and just ready to get there.

Q. Chad, you maybe had the best view of what happened in Turn 9. What are your thoughts? Had you been behind the 3, would you have done the same thing to take the win?
CHAD HACKENBRACHT: I'll tell you what, I have no idea what happened with the 3. They were far enough out in front of me that all I saw was him backing into the fence, but the 14 and the 6, I let the 14 go on that restart. He was right on my bumper, and I knew that if I just let him go, he'd go wreck somebody and I'd pass him. I basically just let him go, and turned out that happened on the last corner. That's exactly what happened on the last corner. They got into each other, and it was actually the other way around, 6 got into the 14, obviously didn't like him, but I'll take it. I finished second, so I'm good with it.

Q. Darrell, what are your plans for next year?
DARRELL WALLACE JR.: Still undecided. It's all about that mighty dollar. If we can just try to find a sponsor, that's the biggest thing. I think that's what all three of us are in the same boat, need a sponsor and money to get us on to next year. Right now it's just focus on this good streak that we've got going right now.

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