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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: AAA 400

Stock Car Racing Topics:  AAA 400

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: AAA 400

Joey Logano
September 29, 2013


THE MODERATOR: Dale, thank you for your time this afternoon. Congratulations.
We now welcome our third‑place finisher, Joey Logano, currently 11th in points. Talk a little bit about your run out there today.
JOEY LOGANO: Yeah, starting off from practice yesterday, our car wasn't very good. We didn't have much speed in it. Todd Gordon, the Shell‑Pennzoil team, did a good job. They threw everything at this car last night. Three springs, bars, shocks, you name it. There's more I'm forgetting. We changed about everything on this car. Wedge, a whole bunch of stuff.
It was definitely better to start the race. We had to make some adjustments as we got going. As the race went, we turned into a top‑five car. Just had to get that track position.
The last restart, starting on the outside was a good lane to have. Also having four tires was also the right call Todd made. I was able to capitalize on the restart, get ourselves up to third. The problem was it took us too long to get up to speed. 15 laps into the run the car took off. The last six, seven laps we were the fastest car on the track. Too little too late. Could barely see the leaders. Only shot at beating them was them running into each other. I just couldn't get there in time.
Maybe if the race was another 40 laps, I maybe could have got there. I didn't race against the 48 all day, but from what I heard he was wicked fast today.
THE MODERATOR: We'll take questions for Joey.

Q. Did you have any concern after you saw Keselowski go off track? Did you wonder what was going on there?
JOEY LOGANO: I know for me, when I talk on the radio, I slow down a lot. I try not to ask any questions. If they don't tell me, I'm not going to ask. I guess it's something that wasn't going to affect me with my car. If it was something they were concerned maybe I had to drive the car differently to protect something. I still don't know what happened to Brad.
Unfortunately, I don't even know where he finished. But he had a decent car today, too. Both of us were running up in the top 10 early in the race. I just seen him make an early pit stop. Obviously, that kills your track position quite a bit there.
Yeah, it's unfortunate. We want Brad to run good. Same thing that Dale said a second ago: you want your teammate to run good because that indirectly helps your team. Unfortunately, he must have had a problem today.
THE MODERATOR: Joey, congratulations on your run today. Thank you for your time.
JOEY LOGANO: Thank you.

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