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NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series: Ford 200

Stock Car Racing Topics:  Ford 200

NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series: Ford 200

Colin Braun
November 14, 2008


THE MODERATOR: We are joined by the 2008 Rookie of the Year, Colin Braun.
Colin, this is the sixth Roush Rookie of the Year in this series. Why don't you tell us a little bit about tonight and having that honors.
COLIN BRAUN: It's obviously an honor to win the Rookie of the Year championship. My guys have done a great job all year and I feel like they really deserve it so happy to win that.
Disappointed with tonight. Felt like we had a pretty decent truck in practice and got in the race and struggled with it a little bit. I've never been here before and I'm sure that hurt us with my experience. I worked on it, got it better there and decided to come down and take tires at the end. I think that was the right call for us. We were pretty fast there at the end on the high side.
That last restart I don't know what happened. I was trying to change up from second to third gear, hard on the gas, and then everybody started to start. That ended our night. Thought I maybe could have pulled off a 10th place finish or something like that. I just saw the replay and the 22 truck looked like he tried to stop there, so I'm sure that backed everybody up.
Oh, well, that's the way racing goes.

Q. What's up for next year? Got any clues on that? Is anything decided?
COLIN BRAUN: Next year I think we're doing the Truck Series again, Camping World Truck Series with Con-way Freight coming back as our sponsor and Ford is back behind us with our technical support. Certainly really excited about that.
Really excited to have an opportunity to go and race against all these guys again next year and have whole year under my belt of experience.

Q. You talked a lot about being happy for your team, but what does the Rookie of the Year mean to you personally?
COLIN BRAUN: Well, I think Jack told me at the start of the year, if you don't win it, I'm going to kick your butt.
Obviously really happy to win it and certainly if you look back at the history of Roush Racing, I think Jack has won it almost every time he's tried. It's really cool to follow in those guys' footsteps, Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle, those guys have all won it.
Just really looking forward to next year and having a new fresh start next year with a brand-new fleet of trucks, and I'm excited.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Colin, and congrats.

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