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Towing the right way

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Towing the right way

Ryan Baliza
June 14, 2006

Traveling using motorcycle is not always safe and secured. There are many unforeseen circumstances that can hinder you on the go. At the least expected time, you might just encounter troubles with your motorcycle. Mechanical failure is one of them. When this happens, continuing the ride is no longer safe. The same goes when you got flat tires. No matter how important the trip is, unexpected inconveniences might just arrive. Considering this fact, there’s a need for every motorcycle rider to apply towing and tie downs services. This is surely a good way to avoid delays when you need a motorcycle shop to troubleshoot whatever troubles your motorcycle has gotten into.

Your membership to a motorcycle towing and tie downs services company offers a lot of benefits. Topping the list is the emergency roadside assistance. This means that when you run out of gas or your battery goes out on you, an instant delivery for refilling will be made. If you break down on the road that hinders you from proceeding, you will be picked up with the appropriate equipment and brought to the nearest motorcycle repair shop. Also as a member, you can as well have your motorcycle transported by a company that specializes in shipping of motorcycles with discounts. There are some who offer their members with an entitlement to receive more than five emergency service calls every year and free transport for up to 35 miles per service. They can take you home or drop you off at your trusted local repair facility or dealer.

Basically, your involvement to motorcycle towing and tie downs program gives you the privileges such as towing service, flat tire assistance and dead battery assistance. A motorcycle can be transported by carrying it on the front or at the back of another vehicle. When loaded, it must not interfere with the headlights, signal lights, taillights or stop lights on the vehicle towing. Also, there must be no part of the motorcycle that stick out more than three feet forward of the front part either of either the fenders, cab front, or radiator, whichever extends furthest toward the front of the vehicle. Likewise, your motorcycle should not extend beyond the line of fenders to the right when you’re towing it with a passenger vehicle. You must make sure that the motorcycle is connected at the frame to the towing vehicle by a chain or cable in addition to the towing device. Moreover, it is very important that the bike does not interfere with the driver’s view to the front or sides before you proceed with the road. To avoid damage, proper towing and tie downs with efficient equipment must be observed.

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