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IZOD IndyCar Series: Indy Japan 300

Open Wheel Racing Topics:  Indy Japan 300

IZOD IndyCar Series: Indy Japan 300

Will Power
September 19, 2010


THE MODERATOR: We'll get started with our post-race press conference. We are joined by our third place finisher Will Power, will now leads Dario Franchitti by 12 points in the championship Chase as we head into Homestead. Today was Will's first race here at Motegi and you put it on the podium. Talk about the experience.
WILL POWER: Yeah, it was a tough race because we lost a lot of positions because we thought it went yellow and I backed off and it didn't go yellow and that's when I suddenly went back a lot of positions. So, you know, all of the places I got were done by the guys in the pits. They did a great job, fantastic, you know, it was great to get back up to third. I think we needed to. And of course, we would go into the last race not with 14 points, no. It would be 12.
So if he happened to lead the most laps, get the pole and win the race, he would win by one point. It's almost like it's staged. How is that?
THE MODERATOR: I think you alluded to this after the podium, but the opportunity to hopefully at Homestead finish ahead of Dario which you haven't done this year on an oval.
WILL POWER: Never finished ahead of him ever. Only time I finished ahead was when he didn't finish at all, his gear box broke, but he was going to finish there. I'm getting closer, definitely getting closer. I really want to finish ahead of him (chuckling).

Q. Explain that caution coming out, you thought it was a yellow. Did you miss-hear what he said or did something happened you thought was going to create --
WILL POWER: I think something must have happened. The spotter saw it. I guess someone was up or someone was stalling or something happened and he thought it was yellow, and I think Rolin (ph) was the same, got the same call. So something did happen, and obviously, you know, I backed off -- through Turn 2, and it did go yellow eventually but yeah, definitely lost a lot of positions there.
And you know, the team did such a good job in the pits today, I mean, man, to get back from where we were, I came around, I think we were ninth or something at one point. To get back to third, very good, very good.

Q. What happened, your problem at the start?
WILL POWER: Yeah, the start, I got pushed. I ended up out in the marbles a little bit and lost a couple of positions. Yeah, my start and the restarts were are not very good today. I didn't -- none of them were very good. I've got to be better than that if I want to win an on oval.

Q. Is it kind of frustrating in that Chicagoland was really something out of your control and now today it was also something out of your control with the yellow?
WILL POWER: Well, yeah, you know, over a whole season, people have their good and bad races, and you know, this is a good day for us on our best finish ever on an oval. We had a great car. It's just impossible to pass in traffic.
And yeah, Dario's just -- yeah, within three races, he's clawed himself back to a 12-point lead. So great for the championship. And you know, look forward to a tough fight at Homestead.

Q. Are you going to be able to test at Homestead? And when you do that, is there anything in particular you're working on? Are you going to start when you practice your restarts or anything?
WILL POWER: I'll be working just hard on making sure I've got a very good race car. I don't know that track that well. I haven't really raced there. So I'm hoping that we get a day and hoping that it's not raining or something like that. I really need to get some miles around there, otherwise it will be Dario's advantage.
THE MODERATOR: Just a note Will will be testing next Monday at Homestead.

Q. How physical was the event today? You mentioned being tired coming in here.
WILL POWER: Yeah, because I think it was hot. Yeah, a very physical race. It was actually about like the 500 this year, it was a similar feeling. I think had you're running in the traffic there, you're a little bit more tense in the car and use a little bit more energy. It was hard. It was tough for everyone.

Q. But not being here before, what did you think of this track in the race?
WILL POWER: Yeah, I think we need -- well, it was really hard to pass, but we need more. This is built for IndyCar. All of the other tracks we do go to, including Homestead, there's massive banking and built for NASCAR. When we come to this track, it's great because you've really got to drive it. It's enjoyable. You're not just flat-out.

Q. How is Motegi after 200 laps?
WILL POWER: Yeah, like I said, it's a great place. I think you need to do something more for the passing, but it's a good track. You've really got to drive around here.
THE MODERATOR: Congratulations on the podium here and we'll see you in Miami.

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