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Toyota Yaris Get New Rostra Cruise Control System

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Toyota Yaris Get New Rostra Cruise Control System

Mark Clarkson
June 28, 2006

The newest batch of Toyota Yaris, which has been produced for the model year 2006 to 2007, would be receiving a new high technology feature. This would be fully electronic and it is called the Drive by Wire Custom Cruise® Control System. Rostra Precision Controls, Inc. has been the brains and the power behind such a new innovation in the Toyota Yaris. However, Toyota would be dubbing this new system as the Rostra Yaris Cruise Control System. This new system has been made available not only for Yaris with automatic transmission systems but this has also been made available for those with manual transmission systems. Aside from that, this new feature would also be containing the capability to do various things. The list of functions includes set speed, coast and reduce speed, resume and accelerate, controlled resume rate, and retention of last set speed as well. For those who would be driving a Toyota Yaris with the Rostra Yaris Cruise Control System in place, the whole experience would definitely be a drive to remember.

Sibyl Ringsdorf is the manager of marketing and national accounts of the maker of the Rostra Yaris Cruise Control System, Rostra Precision Controls Inc. She states, “One might add a cruise control system to their vehicle to increase driving comfort by reducing the leg and ankle fatigue that results from frequently adjusting pedal pressure. As well, the system helps prevent fuel waste due to erratic changes in speed and can help avoid costly tickets from unintended speeding.”

Need worry no more for this new feature that new Toyota Yaris would contain also hold features that are targeted towards safety. What this feature does is it has the cruise control stop and disengage when there is pressure applied to the brake pedal. Also, the Rostra Yaris Cruise Control System would not connect and engage during situations when the speed is less than 20 mph.

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