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Auto Painting- Do It Yourself!

Auto Painting- Do It Yourself!

Donna Fuller
October 29, 2013

Are you thinking of doing some body work on your car? Maybe you're thinking of opening your own auto business and you don't know where to look for the best supplies and advice at the right price? Well then this article is for you!

This article aims to give you all the tools and equipment you need to find the right supplier for all of your auto painting and panel beating needs. We will start with a look at where to find supplies and services for individuals who want to do it themselves and what to look for when trying to establish supply lines for your automotive business should you want to take it to the next level.

Want to do it yourself? Here is what you need to know!

If you're planning on doing your automotive paint and body work yourself here are a few helpful hints to get you started on your way.

The first thing to look out for is free advice. Some of the best suppliers of automotive paint and body work supplies offer free workshops as part of their business model, this is a great opportunity for you to get in and learn a little bit of expert knowledge from the guys who do panel beating and auto painting for a living.

Some auto paint and bodywork suppliers even go so far as to offer free courses on a regular basis which strengthens their relationship with the automotive enthusiasts in their community and help spread knowledge throughout. It really is a win-win and a great way for you to gauge how good your local paint supplier and bodywork shop is.

Here are just a few of the other things you may want to consider when sourcing knowledge and supplies for your do it yourself auto painting and bodywork;

1. Range of supplies- The best suppliers will have a large range of supplies including; spray cans, compounds, buffing machines, caliper paints, leather care, body fillers, and much more.

2. Range of services- Along with great customer advice your supplier of choice should supply you with paint mixing and paint matching services as standard.

3. Best brands- Do your research and find out what the best products in each particular range are and determine if your retailer is providing you with the best for your vehicles.

Whether you're a weekend enthusiast or a wannabe small business operator, these are the tips that will save you time and money and give you some food for thought when thinking about taking the plunge and getting into the automotive paint and bodywork business. Good luck!

VG Auto Paints & Tools is a trade outlet that supplies paint and panelbeating equipment to Body Shops all over Sydney. Our experienced sales team along with our daily deliveries ensure our customers get what they need when they need it. Our retail outlet is open to the public Monday to Saturday. Our experienced staff are on hand to help you get what you need to get the job done.

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