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Push Your Car Back To Life

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Push Your Car Back To Life

Mark Clarkson
July 10, 2006

Have you ever tried starting your car but it seems like it has already lost its power?

This kind of situation could happen to anyone especially during times when you may have forgotten to turn off some of your Toyota car parts and the other accessories of your vehicle like the lights. When you do this, the stored charge from the battery is used up leaving no more power to start your vehicle up.

You may think that jumper cables might be the answer to this problem. However, what if you do get caught in such a situation without any cars with charged batteries nearby?

You actually still could start up your vehicle without the use of jumper cables. In fact, there is one proven yet very simple way of starting up a car with a dead battery. The answer? Pushing your car back to life. Keep in mind, though, that you can only push your car to let it start if and only if your car has a stick shift or employs the use of a manual transmission. You can start up your car if the problem is the battery or the starter.

To do this trick, you should ask for assistance from another person because two people would be actually needed. One would have to sit in the driver’s seat while the other person would be doing the pushing.

Before you start to push the car back to life, you should turn off all of the accessories in your vehicle like the radio, wipers, air conditioning, and lights. After doing such, you can start pushing the vehicle. The person should put the key in the ignition and turn it to the “on” position. Start depressing the clutch pedal and then put the transmission in the first gear or the second gear. Then release the hand brake and the foot brake and then you can now release the clutch pedal. During this time, give the engine a little gas once your car is moving. You should get the engine started.

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