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Auto News from Various Centres.

Auto News from Various Centres.

The New York Times
March 7, 1909

1,000-Mile a Day Trip The construction of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway attracted wide interest among automobile enthusiasts, and many plans are being made for competitions on the new five-mile course.  One that has just been proposed is a 1,000-mile a day trip of the National car.  The managers of this company propose to travel 1,000 miles per day for ten days, if that is possible.  They do not say that such a record will be made, but an attempt will be made with a National car, and four crews are being picked for the long run.  The proposition is so bold that many are predicting failure, but A. C. Newby of the National Company and Carl Fish of Indianapolis, the promoter of the Indianapolis track, feel that success may be obtained.  The event will serve as an opener for the Speedway.  The management has started work on the course, the completion of which is promised for the early Summer.

Fiat Cars in Chicago. Harry T. Clinton left last week for Chicago to take charge of the Western interests of the Fiat Automobile Company and open the company's new headquarters in that city.  A large building at 1,424 Michigan Avenue, with garage and repair shop, has been ecquired.  Mr. Clinton will have charge of all sales over a territory ranging from Pittsburg to the Pacific Coast.

Pacific Coast Activity. Commercial competition and improving business conditions combine to cause the rapid increase in automobile interest and demand for cars in California, according to F. M. Hoblitt, traveling representative of the Alco cars, made by the American Locomotive Company, and who has just returned to New York from the Pacific Coast.  He says: "The social and business rivalry is largely responsible for the demand.  I found business flourishing everywhere.  In Los Angeles County alone $3,000,000 has been appropriated for road improvement, and it will not be long before California will be more of a motoring paradise than ever.

Knox Car Wins Cup. The Knox 38-40 horse power stock car which was entered in the Garden City Cup Race of the Vanderbilt Motor Parkway sweepstake races, held on Oct. 10 last, has been declared winner of the event by the officials of the race meet and has been awarded first prize.

New Home for Lozier. That the automobile gains public favor according to its merits is well demonstrated by the successive changes which the Lozier Motor Company have made in their sales quarters.  In 1905 the salesroom was a small store on Forty-second Street.  In the Fall of 1905 the present building at the corner of Broadway and Fifty-fifth Street was erected.  This, it was thought, would prove ample for company's needs for ten years to come, but it has become necessary to take over the five-story building at the corner of Broadway and Fifty-sixth Street, which, when it is refitted, will be one of the most complete salesrooms in New York.  Alterations now under way will be completed by March 15.

Make Riding Easy. It is interesting to note the change of opinion in motoring circles regarding the necessity of a shock absorber.  Those who have followed the Glidden tours and other endurance runs have realized what a prominent part the shock absorber has played on each winning car.  The announcement by the Hartford Suspension Company that for 1910 every Packard automobile will be equipped at the factory in Detroit with the Truffault-Hartford shock absorbers is a further evidence that automobile manufacturers are appreciating that anything they can do to make their cars ride easier and give better satisfaction is money well invested.

Three-Seated Auto Rig In buying a new car, experienced motorists often have ideas of their own incorporated in the design of the body.  At the Quinby shops, Newark, N. J., a number of unusual bodies are under construction, in which are incorporated novel features which particularly adapt them to long distance touring.  What in carriage parlance may be termed a three-seated rig is being built for Owen Osborne of Philadelphia.  It is really a close-coupled touring body, with a double rumble seat behind, which, when the top is up, is entirely separated from the front and tonneau seats.  The rumble is to accommodate the chauffeur and a maid.  Other features are curved glass shields on the dashboard and on the back of the front seats, the latter for the protection of the tonneau passengers, and compartments to hold several large suit cases.

Early Demand for Tires. "The surest promise of an early motoring season is the unusually early demand for tires this year," said Mr. W. P. Berrien, the local Firestone manager.  "The first carload on our 1909 requisition has just come in from the factory.  This single shipment will retail for between $40,000 and $45,000.  It means, too, that several hundred more motorists will be prepared to take advantage of the first fine days if early Spring touring."

Hunting Trip by Auto. The Carl H. Page Company has just sold to Ezra H. Fitch a duplicate of the Chalmers-Detroit "Forty" which was exhibited at the Sportsman's Show last week.  Mr. Fitch has selected the car for a long trip that he will make in the early Spring into the wilds of Northern Canada.  This car will penetrate into the wilderness and carry a complete folding camp outfit.  The trip, which is purely for hunting and fishing, will consume at least two months' time.

Demand for High Grade Cars. Three hundred per cent. increase in sales for January and February of the present year over the corresponding period of last year is a healthy record for a concern which already had a record for big sales.  Harking back to the reasons for this showing for the Oldsmobile, Gen. John T. Cutting is of the opinion that the last panic did some good in bringing the attention of the motoring public to the fact that high grade quality and excessive price did not go hand in hand.  The result this year is that many men have cast their lot with the high grade, medium prices American machine.

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