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Kia, Proclaimed Best UK Auto Franchise

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Kia, Proclaimed Best UK Auto Franchise

Stacey Wilson
July 13, 2006

If you live in the United Kingdom and you would like to start out a business, you might want to venture in franchising Kia vehicles. This is because according to the Institute of Transport Management, or ITM, the Kia brand is the best kind of franchise you might want to have if you are thinking of going into the automotive business. And it is important to note statements given out by the ITM for it is the leading professional body when it comes to the mentioned country’s transport industry.

The ITM has around 10,000 members and together, they have come to analyze that for people who are looking forward to start an auto industry related business, Kia can actually help “a retailer jump-start their dream of being their own boss”. These are the exact words given out by the ITM. And as part of this recognition to Kia Motors (UK) Limited, ITM has awarded the brand the Best Automotive Franchise Network 2006 which is actually the organization’s most prestigious award that is given out annually.

Kia has been chosen as the recipient of such an honored award for it has been able to actually respond to the call of the automotive industry and market. According to information given out by the ITM, the industry is actually out for more vehicles that are efficient, cost-effective, flexible, and even better than the current vehicles in the market. And in essence, this does not only prove to be true for vehicles but also for parts retailers that could offer Kia body parts. ITM even further states, “In response, manufacturers such as Kia are not just rising to the challenge – they are turning the franchise process on its head to identify ways to help its retailers raise their profiles and further enhance service standards.”

Along that line, ITM continues to present that before giving out the award, the awards committee had to review lines of vehicle brands and companies. Of course, they were looking for specific criteria and areas like the auto manufacturer’s customer service, aftersales solutions, vehicle range, professionalism, as well as reliability. And Kia topped all that.

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