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Florida Automotive Journal
December 1970

Chrysler - Plymouth Division has reported that retail deliveries of new cars during the 1970 model year totaled 855,631 units, compared with sales of 912,842 new cars during the previous model year.

R.K. Brown, division general manager, said that sales of the compact Plymouth Valiant not only set a new model year record, but also hit a new calendar year high during 1970.  Valiant, led by the highly successful Duster model, recorded sales of 196,937 units, topping the 1960 calendar year high of 196,480 units with three months left in the calendar year.  The previous model year record was 178,482 units sold in 1963.

"As a result of this strong performance, the entire Plymouth car line is running ahead of year ago sales for both the calendar and the model year." Mr. Brown said.

Mr. Brown also noted that the Valiant car line was enjoying a strong new model launch.

"In the 14 days since our new compacts were introduced, we have sold a total of 16,458 Valiants, cpmpared with sales of 2,726 compacts in the first 14 days of the 1970 model launch."

The Valiant line went on sale September 15 while other Chrysler - Plymouth Division models were introduced on Oct. 6.

For the month of September, Chrysler - Plymouth reported sales of 51,506 new cars, compared with 71,454 in the same month last year.  Last year the entire lineup of new models was introduced September 23.

For the final 10 days of the month, the daily rate of sales was 2,358, compared with a daily rate of 4,973 last year when there was one less selling day.  Sales for the final 10 days of the month totaled 21,217 units, compared with 39,785 units a year ago in the same period.

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