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September Is Child Passenger Safety Month

September Is Child Passenger Safety Month

Sarah McBride
July 14, 2006

For those of you out there who do not know it yet, the month of September has just been known as the Child Passenger Safety Month. This happened when the National Automobile Dealers Association, which is commonly known and referred to as the NADA, has proclaimed that such a month should dwell on such an issue.

Indeed, this is a very good move for NADA. After all, not all parents do understand that children need much better safety in cars and automobiles compared to adults. And yes, children also do need special safety devices to keep them harm-free in cases of accidents, crashes, or simple collisions. It is not enough for parents and car owners to simply put in safety features like bumpers and other Saab interior parts. There are specially crafted child safety devices and accessories that would keep children safe and sound inside the vehicle.

With September being the Child Passenger Safety Month, new car dealers all over the United States would be hosting at their local dealerships child safety seat inspections. They would be doing this as part of NADA’s national campaign which they call the “Boost for Safety” campaign. This program has actually been created with the assistance and partnership of NADA with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA.

According to William Bradshaw who is the chairman of NADA and is also one of the newest car dealers in the Southern California area, “Parents will do the right thing if they have the right information. Unfortunately, many parents do not have the right information when it comes to child safety seats – and dealers want to change that.”

The “Boost for Safety” campaign is surely very timely. Just keep in mind that September is also when children start going back to school and with many children being back on the roads and streets, it is essential to disseminate information about such a campaign towards child safety in vehicles.

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