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Auto News From Near and Far.

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Auto News From Near and Far.

The New York Times
April 11, 1909

Oldsmobile Success.
The success of the 1909 Oldsmobile "40" has been occasioned largely, says Gen. Cutting of the Oldsmobile Company, because of the fact that neither excessive speed nor power are drawing cards with present-day motorists, while what is wanted is a type of car emodying reliability in road work, together with ample speed and power and low up-keep cost.

N. Y. S. of A. E.'s Chauffeur Booklet.
The New York School of Automobile Engineers has issued a booklet on "The Chauffeur Question and the Answer," which is now ready for distribution to auto owners.  It analyses the chauffeur question, and points out how the auto owner may benefit by its solution.

Continentals on New York-Phila Car.
A set of steel-studded Continental tires is establishing a record for service on the limousine car which is making daily trips between Philadelphia and New York.  The car makes fast time, and the repeated trips are a thorough test of the tires.  So far little trouble has been experienced.

Visitors to Pierce Plant.
An estimate made the other day by the officials in charge of the reception room in the plant of the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company in Buffalo fixes the number of people who have visited the plant within the last twelve months at 1,500.

Chalmers for Nassau Sheriff.
To aid the Sheriff of Nassau County in thief-catching the supervisors have purchased for him a Chalmers-Detroit "40."  There have been many occasions on which the Sheriff of Nassau County has had to race across country in pursuit of lawbreakers.

Franklin's Big Shipments.
Automobiles aggregating in weight 2,847,783 pounds have been shipped within the last six months from the H. H. Franklin Manufacturing Company's plant at Syracuse.  The Franklin touring car weighs 2,650 pounds and the runabout 1,650 pounds.

Remy Company May Move.
The Remy Electric Company, manufacturer of automobile magnetos, is contemplating the removal of its offices in the Thoroughfare Building to more spacious quarters.

Big Sale of Goodyear Rims.
The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company announces that more than 40,000 sets of quick detachable rims are being supplied to automobile manufacturers for their 1909 cars.

Winton "Six-sixties" Sold.
Sales Manager Churchill of the Winton Company announces that the entire output of Winton "Six-sixties" has been disposed of.  He expects shortly to close out the forty-eight horse power line.

Moon Transmission.
E. J. Moon of the Moon Motor Car Company is enthusiastic over the type of transmission in the Moon car.  He declares that by an ingenious arrangement of parts it is made impossible to engage more than one speed at a time and the gears will not shift of their own accord.

Motor Truck Company Opens.
The Motor Truck Company has opened salesrooms at 214 West Forty-ninth Street to exploit the Frayer-Miller truck.  Charles E. Stone is manager.

Mora's Big Sales.
W. W. Burke, Manager of the Mora Agency, is trying to get fifty more of the Light Four Moras, as his own allotment is practically sold out.

Lozier's Racing Team.
Harry Michener and Ralp Mumford will form the racing team of the Lozier Company again this year, with Harry Cobe as a third member. Mumford will probably abandon race driving after the Founders' Day event in Philadelphia next Fall and will be replaced by Cobe.

Rainier Running After 100,000 Miles.
The Rainier people are recounting with pride the visit to the new headquarters one day last week of L. G. Salter of Bayonne, N. J., who drove up in a Model A Rainier of 1905 vintage to purchase a new 1909 car, and declined absolutely to trade in his old car.  He said the car had never cost him but $400 in repair and repainting, although he had driven it more than 100,000 miles and that he intended to continue it in use.

Studebaker Stage Line.
Two Studebaker cars are used to provide a stage service between Seattle and Tacoma, a distance of about sixty miles.  So steadily have the cars run that the managers have agreed to refund the passage money if a delay of as much as ten minutes in reaching either destination results from other than tire troubles.

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