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Handguard Installation - Made easy

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Handguard Installation - Made easy

Ryan Baliza
July 23, 2006

Like any other motorcycle parts, handguards are as equally important. You need them to maximize hand and lever protection. Perhaps the best thing about these items is the fact that aside from the protection they guarantee, they are also made available in a wide array of choices with colors and styles. This means that they add up appeal to your bike, too. And with your choice and clamps to properly fit standard or oversize bars, these handguards are an amazing choice for any off-road motorcycle or ATV.

Now as soon as you get your new handguards, installing them shouldn’t worry you. Here are simple steps you can follow. First, you need to secure all the necessary materials you will need. They are the wrench, socket wrench, mounting kit and of course the handguards. Initially, you need to grab the four brackets. It is well to note how they fit together; your handlebar will go through the opening. The two curved brackets are curved in opposite directions, and it makes a difference as to which you attach to which handlebar.

Normally, it will be obvious if you put the wrong one on a side. The handguard will end up looking wrongly positioned instead of being perfectly apparel to the lever. Nevertheless, you can do it successfully though it’s your first time.

Now, grab a set of brackets. Note that U-shaped brackets are interchangeable. Put the appropriate long/curved bracket underneath the handlebar and subsequently push the U-shaped bracket down over the handlebar. It is your goal to get them as close to the hand grip as possible. Be certain that cables go below of the brackets. They shouldn’t be trapped between the brackets where they will fray or short out. Next up, screw in the provided tiny little screw. As the mounting brackets are in place, it’s time to attach the handguards. With adjustable handguards you can set both how far to the side the guards extend and how far away from the lever the guards sit.

As for the configuration, thread the long screw through the chosen hole in the bracket. Don’t forget the lock washers. Slide on the handguards and attach the locknut. When everything is attached, tighten up the bolts well. Remember to put these bolts into the mounting brackets. It is highly important that the brackets stay tight on the handlebar.

When everything is done, double check is a-must to secure maximum fit and protection.

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