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Statement by the President on the Forthcoming National Highway Safety Conference.

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American Government

Statement by the President on the Forthcoming National Highway Safety Conference.

President Harry S Truman
May 3, 1946

THE MOUNTING TOLL of traffic fatalities in this country continues to be a cause for deep concern. More than 8,000 men, women and children were killed on the streets and highways during the first three months of this year. These tragic figures emphasize the need for a concerted attack on traffic accidents which I had in mind last December when I called a National Highway Safety Conference to be held in Washington, May 8, 9 and 10.

It is a source of gratification, that Major General Philip B. Fleming, Federal Works Administrator and General Chairman of the Conference, is able to report that eight working committees composed of outstanding authorities on highway transportation, highway safety and related fields, have made an exhaustive study of every phase of the problem and have developed comprehensive reports for the consideration of the conference.

Assurances have been received from governors, State and local officials, city leaders and principals in fields of highway transportation, traffic safety and accident prevention that they will come to Washington to cooperate in framing an effective program to reduce waste of life on the Nation's highways.

While programs are being developed on a national plan, its application is rightly a function of the States and communities. Whatever the program evolved, we will attain the objective of saving lives only if the principles established by the conference are carried back to every community where Americans live and work--and where every man, woman and child is either a pedestrian or a motorist or both. Only effective State and local application of the program developed by the conference can reduce traffic accidents.

The Federal Government stands ready to cooperate in every way. By working together we can and will make our highways safe.

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