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Good Exhaust Header for Upgrading the Performance of Your Dirt-Bike

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Good Exhaust Header for Upgrading the Performance of Your Dirt-Bike

Florante Cay
August 1, 2006

Dirt bikes are exceptional transportation mediums that can help you sense an unparalleled feeling! This type of feeling draws people into dirt bikes or motorcycle, which is why motorcycles are now among the most popular vehicles in the world. There are many kinds of sports where dirt bikes are being used.

Most of the competitions where this type of bikes is being used have rough roads. Therefore, the need to for your dirt bike to be in top condition is greater. If you’re planning to enter a dirt-bike competition, you also need to upgrade the performance of your dirt bike.

There are many ways of upgrading the performance of a dirt bike; one of them is by making sure that the bike has good exhaust headers. An exhaust header, often known as a replacement for the manifold, pertains to the part of the exhaust system that collects the exhaust gases from multiple cylinders and puts them into one pipe.

Having high quality exhaust headers would simply mean better gathering and discharging of exhaust gases. Headers are usually equipped with bigger pipes, which make them gather more exhaust gases! And you know what that means? Well, it means more power to your engine!

By replacing the manifold with a good exhaust header, like MX exhaust headers, the backpressure which robs your engine of its power is being minimized. It is known that having backpressure is unavoidable but if you manage to minimize it, the engine can direct its power to the crankshaft, making your dirt bike more aggressive and powerful!

Purchasing exhaust headers made of metals like titanium and other tough and rust avoiding metals will also help in making the whole exhaust system perform better. It will also avoid you from changing your exhaust headers much sooner.

You may be thinking that replacing your dirt bike’s exhaust manifold with an exhaust header is difficult but contrary to this, it’s really easy. This is due to the fact that most exhaust headers are compatible with any type of dirt bike. They bolt right up to the engine block and use the same bolts as manifolds. You may also replace the bolts if they are already worn out or rusted.

Remember to use an insulating wrapper which will allow the header to maintain hotter exhaust gases, which allows for better or increased exhaust scavenging. These also provide exhaust and heat protection solutions for your dirt bikes.

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