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How Do I Remove A Volkswagen Touareg CD Player

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How Do I Remove A Volkswagen Touareg CD Player

Miklas Kristoffersen
March 7, 2014

Vw Touareg is a moderate SUV manufactured by the German car manufacturer Volkswagen in 2003, being produced following a joint-venture between the German business and Porsche. Fabricated in Bratislava, Slovakia and centered around the Volkswagen Team 7L platform, the Touareg is made in the exact same factory as Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7.

So, you've just come home with a fancy new car stereo its the time to change the VW OEM stereo, each car presents its own specific type of installation issues. Volkswagen Touareg proprietors may discover the have to remove their vehicle's factory stereo for various reasons. Linking a peripheral stereo component, repairing the system or changing the compact disc player are all matters that require you to first pull the stock deck in the Touareg's dash stereo dock.

No matter your reason behind taking away the compact disc player, the occupation is pretty clear-cut, so save your self some money and do it yourself. Open the hood to gain access to the Touareg's battery. Loosen the bolt that holds the negative battery cable clamp round the negative battery lead post. Return to the interior of the vehicle.

Set all of the four DIN removing keys into the slots in the corners of the CD disc player. Each important has a plastic-coated ring at one end plus a triangle-shaped metal point in another. Slide the keys into the slits so the flat edge of the points is facing out, using the slanted aspect of the important facing in.

Push each key into the opening till it clicks into place. Feed a cord (for example a shoestring) through both rings of the DIN removing keys to the left phase of the CD disc player. Feed a second string through the bands in the ends of the keys to the best side.

Pull both strings, slipping the stereo unit from your stereo mounting dock in the VW's dash. Once you have pulled it out far enough to grip it by hand grab the stereo. Pull the compact disc player in the mount far enough to reach the wiring connections in the rear of the gamer.

Unplug the harness adapters in the left phase of the CD disc player's back panel. Disconnect the FM antenna cable by pulling the lead in the exit to the best part of the stereo's back panel. Slide the new stereo straight into the stereo dock lined with the faceplate adapter. Push the unit into the dash until it locks into place within the dashboard. Return to the vehicle's battery. Replace the negative battery cable clamp onto the negative battery terminal.

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