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Nudge Bars

Nudge Bars

Donna Fuller
January 29, 2014

Are you on off road adventure junkie? Want to protect your four wheel drive from rocks and trees and other impediments? Ever returned to your car from a day of shopping only to find that someone has bumped into your car in the parking lot? The best way to protect your vehicle and yourself is to install a quality nudge bar.

Nudge bars are a great, cost effective way to ensure the safety of your car from minor collisions on the road and major collisions off the road.

What is a nudge bar?

Nudge bars are like bullbars in the sense that they are both designed to protect the engine components of your car. Delicate equipment like radiators which are located close to the front of the bonnet are especially prone to damage from even the slightest bump in a traffic collision.

Nudge bars are the single greatest factor in helping to prevent damage to the chassis of your vehicle from collision. Nudge bars help prevent deformations on your front end components.

Nudge bars- Aesthetic appeal

Nudge bars are not only a great addition to your vehicle for their safety advantages but also due to their aesthetic appeal. Nudge bars can add a little style and flair to your vehicle that will have your friends and neighbours turning green with envy.

Nudge Bars- Added value

The other advantage of fitting a nudge bar to your vehicle lies in the added value you get for your investment. Far from being money down the drain, a nudge bar is a great way to add value to your vehicle for resale.

If you're thinking of getting a nudge bar for your vehicle then think of it as an investment, not a loss.

What vehicles can a nudge bar be fitted to?

Nudge bars are great in that they are a versatile choice. Nudge bars can be fitted to cars, vans, trucks, and other 4 wheel drive vehicles.

What are some of the options that come with nudge bars?

Nudge bars are a great versatile option that can be customised for the end user with a number of additional add-ons. Here are just a few of the great customisable options that you can choose for your vehicle;

High or low rise configuration

Auxiliary lighting mounts

Choice of high tensile alloy or steel tubes

Front trade rack option

Integrated bumper

Headlight protection

Mirror finish

And loads more!

If you're thinking of adding a nudge bar to your vehicle always take it to an off road nudge bar specialist to ensure that you are getting the best possible work done on your vehicle.

Formula Offroad have a large range of Bullbars , Nudge bars , Frontal protection & Rear bars to compliment your vehicle. If there are any requirements needed , like extras on your product that other manufacturers cannot help out with then we can work with you to get the right Formula.

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