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Nissan Dealers Showcase Top Car Picks For Family And Personal Use

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Nissan Dealers Showcase Top Car Picks For Family And Personal Use

Lisa Jane Foreman
March 11, 2013

Nissan is one of the most popular car brands these days and it has dished out some of the most economical yet high performing vehicles in the market these days. A lot of families and single folks now consider it one of their top choices for the vehicles they wish to purchase in the future. Recently, a Nissan car caught the spotlight for being the best deal for an inexpensive car in the United States, and this was followed by the news that another Nissan offering ranked the highest as the choice of car by single women. This only goes to show that the Japanese car brand is doing something right and is not tiring in coming up with innovations to make driving and riding more enjoyable, luxurious and safe for everybody.

A specific Nissan dealer is one of the oldest Nissan dealerships in the region that boasts of having the top car picks in its showroom, and listed below are the most popular cars for family and personal use for the year 2012 available through the dealership.

Nissan Versa was the country's least expensive car but it definitely was not dinky in any way; it was evaluated by car experts as the best deal for a family or personal car last year. A mid-sized sedan, it's quite roomy and equipped with adequate technology to make driving and riding comfortable and pleasurable. This model has additional features that are all reasonably priced, such as power window and locks, auto transmission, alloy wheels, Bluetooth and navigation. Motoring publications claim it's the best car for its classification.

Nissan 370Z, on the other hand, was hailed as the top pick for sports cars for women by motoring groups. Just by the exterior design alone, you can already tell that it's completely top class. It's sleek, sexy and utterly sophisticated. The two-seater drives flawlessly and the best thing about it is women can get a spectacular vehicle without the outrageous price.

Nissan Altima is still very popular for family use. It's a great car to pass on to new drivers as it's very newbie-friendly. Worth noting as well is the new design of the latest model which provides more leg room and spiffy safety features. This car also has strong acceleration, crisp handling, and the hybrid version is definitely fuel-efficient, which is always a great advantage considering gas prices these days.

Nissan Juke is a sport utility crossover; it's a cross between a car and an SUV. The shape is that of an SUV but the size is as compact as a car - the final look is intriguingly nice, and safety-wise, this vehicle is loaded with all the important safety features.

MidwayNissanDurham is a company that offers amazing kinds of vehicles. The company also presents exceptional services to handle your needs.

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