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Renault Van Leasing: Matching The Ideal Vehicle To Your Business Needs

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Renault Van Leasing: Matching The Ideal Vehicle To Your Business Needs

Lenny Dalembert
March 6, 2013

Entrepreneurs have a lot on their mind on any given work day; if you started a business of your own, working steadily and watching it grow to a modest yet profitable operation over time, then you've surely experienced taking the reins and accomplishing most of the tasks by yourself before you were able to make enough money to afford hiring a staff. And even if you have a trusty group of workers helping you out now, you're likely to have grown accustomed to perform most tasks by yourself to this day - keeping the books straight, checking on equipment, coordinating with suppliers and third-party service providers, inviting potential customers to try out your product or service, training and supervising staff members, and other important duties.

There comes a time, however, when you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that your little neighbourhood business has evolved into a busy local organisation that must meet the demands of a larger number of customers. Whatever your business may be (a bakeshop of sugar-free goodies, a mobile pet grooming service, a home or office cleaning service, or event equipment hire, for example), you're sure to find a need for a trusty vehicle to help you manage and accomplish your tasks more efficiently. Whether you're transporting people from one venue to another or delivering your unique goods or service to customers straight to their homes, a properly sized vehicle - a van, most likely - would be the best solution for your needs. But if purchasing a new car or even a used one is out of the question with your budget, what would be your best option? The answer may be van leasing - Renault van leasing, to be exact.

The French multinational vehicle manufacturer Renault S.A. has been in the business of producing cars, vans, and various utility vehicles such as tractors, trucks, tanks, buses, coaches, and autorail vehicles since its establishment in 1899. Today, it offers a number of van models that would work perfectly to suit the needs of entrepreneurs offering a diverse range of products and services.

For ventures requiring a vehicle that can handle light loads, the Renault Kangoo van would be an ideal choice. It can effectively carry a payload of 675 kg, has 57.6 combined mpg as well as 75 bhp. Business owners in need of more storage or cargo space can benefit from using the Renault Trafic Sport mid-size van; it has a bigger payload capacity at 1,092 kg - not to mention a modern, sporty and multi-purpose design. The Renault Trafic Sport Refrigerated van is yet another model that works very well for businesses with specific transportation needs. It has all the power, strength, and style of the Renault Trafic range, with an added bonus: it is fitted with refrigeration technology that enables users to load and transport perishable goods such as fresh meats or produce, cooked meals, or other delicate cargo that requires refrigeration such as medicines or certain chemicals.

Entrepreneurs will appreciate the flexibility and cost efficiency of Renault van leasing agreements. Compared to purchasing new or used vehicles, leasing comes with lower deposits and monthly payments, and they typically come with suitable care and maintenance plans to help ensure the continued good working condition of the van throughout the lease period. This is an affordable way to acquire the van model you desire at a better price; you also have the opportunity to switch to a newer or more impressive model after the agreement is done, rather than remain tied to a single model for several years.

If you've built a business from the ground up, you understand the importance of getting the best value for your money and getting the most returns from your investments. The decision to lease may be the best business move to ensure the continued growth of your venture as well as the increasing satisfaction of your customers over your quality products and services.

If you've built a business from the ground up, you understand the importance of getting the best value for your money and getting the most returns from your investments. Click here to learn more.

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