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How To Lead The Pack In Automotive Sales

How To Lead The Pack In Automotive Sales

Scooter Davis
February 2, 2013

The man who sold more cars than any other individual did it by being a one man promotional machine, a consistent worker, and a really nice guy. Persistence pays and the man who sold at least five cars a day for twelve years knew exactly how to show up for the job of serving customers with what they wanted.

He started out with very little and even had to borrow money on his first day of work. He used that money to get groceries for his family. The next day, he was in to work early and was day after day, one of the last to leave. Doing what it takes to get the job done, he worked both hard and smart and made the most of every situation to turn it into a positive.

If the weather was bad he would make phone calls to old customers and make offers for them to send their friends over. If the weather was good, same thing. This man stopped at nothing to make the day work for him. He did it everyday and when he went to accept an award for most car sales, guess what? He was jeered and heckled. That's right. Some people don't like doing what it takes to make things happen, they get jealous, mean spirited, and down right rude. This great car salesman encountered all of that year after year. He didn't let it stop him. He continued to perfect his routine of finding new customers from old friends, offering excellent service, making phone calls, contacting people everywhere he went, and, showing up every day with a consistence you could set your watch by.

These ingredients are simple, straight forward, and not easy to maintain. But once the habit is in place, the results speak for themselves. This formula for success is evident by others who have achieved similar goals in totally different fields. Scientists, explorers, sports players, musicians, students, have all achieved new heights of accomplishment by using these simple, yet, powerful tactics. Set your course and stay the course. Do the things that are required every day, start with the hardest and work through the list, don't complain, keep going.

All these secrets are plain and simple but they work decade after decade to serve the desires of those who carry them out. That's how you stay in the automotive business for more thatn twenty eight years. That's how you gain a reputation of being the best anywhere around. And that's how you pave the way for others to do the same.

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