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Should You Really Wash Your Car Every Couple Of Weeks?

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Should You Really Wash Your Car Every Couple Of Weeks?

Scooter Davis
January 30, 2013

Affirmative to the title's question. But as easy as washing your car at home may seem there are a few precautions to take so that you can avoid accidental scratches or finish degradation. Here are some basic tips.Do not wait for build up of road sludge to accumulate before washing. Things like dead bugs and birds droppings bleach acids that literally strip away wax and can ruin the paint.

Be sure to wash off bugs, birds droppings and tree sap as soon as possible.Otherwise a weekly carwash should be fine to keep your car's finish in tip top condition.What kind of products should I use to wash my car?Mild detergent solutions sold in automotive shops are best for carwashing. Products under your kitchen sink or dishwashing liquid can be too harsh. Go ahead and spend a little money on a good carwash solution to preserve the finish and protect your investment.

Distribute this is with a natural sponge or lambswool cloth. Be careful not to use paper towels for any application on your car's finish. The ingredients of paper towels might surprise you. They contain all kinds of tiny fibers, to make them strong, that can damage your car's finish by scratching. It is worth emphasising that the selection of cloth is important. Not just any old rag. Choose something that is delegated only to car washing. Next time you are at your auto supply store, check out the cloths available for car washing, both interior and exterior. It's worth the investment to get quality supplies. When you consider that your car is a major expenditure, and that you are likely washing at home to save money, use some of that savings on quality supplies so you can be smart, not cheap.

A stronger product specific to the lower side of the car may be required to remove road tar grease and rubber. Use a nonabrasive cloth to wash away days of damaging elements. Your car's wheels and tires are a whole new topic. You might need a dedicated cleaning products specific to wheels. Be sure to check for compatibility on your particular wheel covers.

Closing tips - Don't wash a hot car. The temperature will increase the chance for spots and soap deposits. Don't move the sponge in circles. This can cause swirl scratches. Be sure your spong has not picked up granuals of sand and dirt that your are rubbing against the finish. Rinse often to avoid this hazard.

Rinse well. Use a waterhose to go over the entire car from top to bottom and be sure you are really removed the soap. If the car is sun drying, soap will become evident quickly. If the day is overcast, the drying process will take longer and is preferred. Have fun taking good car of your car. Imagine, fifty years from now, it could be a classic in a car show, but only if it is well cared for by its proud owner.

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