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Chrysler Film Project Named Five Lucky Finalists

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Chrysler Film Project Named Five Lucky Finalists

Sarah McBride
August 13, 2006

The Chrysler Film Project is a film-based competition that focuses on the new emerging filmmakers in the U.S. by developing an original short film that features Chrysler branded vehicles along with Chrysler auto parts. Among the hundreds of entries, the judges narrowed down the selection and chose the five finalists that will continue their ultimate goal for a one million dollar movie production deal courtesy of Chrysler Motors and Silverwood Films.

David Rooney, Chrysler Brand Marketing and Communications Director, said, "At Chrysler, we are committed to inspiration and we are pleased at this opportunity to bring a new talent to a wider audience. The Chrysler Film Project illustrates how mainstream brands can directly impact the arts and bring inspiration to life.”

"We admire the Chrysler brand and its continued efforts to provide unique platforms for independent filmmakers to get their work recognized on the big screen. This is a great opportunity for all parties - the Chrysler brand, Silverwood Films and the winning filmmaker - to have a voice in the film industry and showcase out- of-the-box thinking," says Lynette Howell producer of Silverwood Films.

The Five finalists will now enter the second stage of the competition where they will direct and edit a three- to five-minute short film that will feature some of Chrysler's newest vehicles, which include the 2007 Chrysler Aspen and Chrysler Sebring. The film entries will be judged according to the originality of the film, level of interest of the story, and the overall quality of the film. The overall winner of the Chrysler Film Project will soon be announced this September.

Derek Cianfrance is one of the five finalists. His entry is titled ‘Blue Valentine’. The film ‘We Neighbors’ was created by Paul Fitzgerald. Jonathan Jardine was behind the film ‘Touch’ while Pamela Smith did the work on the film ‘Love On Spec’. As per the film entry ‘Dirty Girl’, it was Abe Sylvia who did the project.

"We're pleased that the quality and level of filmmaking is so extraordinary. The fact that the screenplays of these five nominees have yet to be made into films underscores the significant challenge that talented emerging filmmakers have in making their first feature films. Chrysler and Silverwood are providing a real and significant new opportunity that previously hadn't existed for these five directors," said Michelle Byrd, Executive Director of Independent Feature Project (IFP).

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