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Mazda Cars Get Caught In An Accident

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Mazda Cars Get Caught In An Accident

Kimberly Meyer
August 16, 2006

On 27th day of July 2006, the car carrier Cougar Ace began to sail. It was carrying 4,700 Mazda vehicles on board. The carrier was found to be heavy in capacity that the US Coast Guard had to rescue 23 member crews last Monday.

The Spokesman of Mazda, Jeremy Barnes, relates that the Cougar Ace, a ship that transports Mazda vehicles, was bound for British Columbia, Vancouver, and Tacoma, Washington going to Port Hueneme near Ventura. It would then be journeying towards California. Most of the Mazda vehicles in the ship were imported from Japan and would be marketed in North America.

The US Coast Guard spokesman has pointed out that the 199.3 meter carrier ship of Mazda cars and vehicles did not sink and it is still floating. However, its keel and propeller are out of the water and it is now lying on its side. The ship was stranded in that position up until Wednesday.

It was a blessing for the ship that a Coast Guard cutter was some 370km away when the incident happened. They kept an eye on the Cougar Ace while waiting for a salvage ship that would rescue those who were inside the ship.

On board were three car models of Mazda, which are the best selling vehicles of the car maker. Mazda CX7, an all new car model for 2007 and a crossover utility vehicle occupies a quarter of the ship’s cargo.

Up until now, Mazda is unable to verify the true condition of the cargo after the accident. But, they assured that the shipment was insured against any loss. According to Barnes, they do not know the exact condition of the cargo. They do not have any idea whether it will have to be scrapped.

Nobody is allowed to board the injured ship. On the other hand, the agency might prepare just in case the salvage company wants to drag the Cougar Ace into the Alaskan waters.

The sales of Mazda in the US during the first six months of 2006 were up by 4%. In fact, it is the third best selling car brand in Canada. Mazda Motor Corporation has made Mazda auto parts available for car owners in Canada. They also distribute other Mazda parts such as Mazda MX6 parts, and Mazda MX3 parts. They also offer accessories for their vehicles. With this incident, it might translate to a decline in sales on Mazda’s end.

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