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Toyota Avensis Journeys To South Africa

Automotive Africa Topics:  Toyota Avensis

Toyota Avensis Journeys To South Africa

Sarah McBride
August 16, 2006

It takes nine months for a woman to bear and bring out a child into this world. But for the Toyota Motor Company, it takes them the same period of time to bring out and send out three new vehicles to a new market.

The first vehicle that the auto manufacturer brought to the country of South Africa was the Toyota Yaris which were brought in hatchback and sedan models. Then followed the Toyota Fortuner which is a sport utility vehicle. Now, the company brings to South Africa the Toyota Avensis. Each of these vehicles are entrants to the newest segments that are appearing in the South African auto market.

What makes the Toyota Avensis unique is that it is the only vehicle from the whole range of Toyota vehicles that is manufactured in the United Kingdom. Its only market used to be Japan but now it takes on a second home, South Africa. The model that was launched in the country is actually a second generation version already. But it would not only be stopping its journey in South Africa but it also would be moving towards the auto market in the United Kingdom, where it is currently manufactured.

Though the Toyota Avensis is not made up of the type of materials that have been used for the hardy Toyota truck parts, this vehicle sure is still a quality one. It offers a classy driving experience through the leather seats that one can find in the cabin. Sure enough, anybody who rides inside this vehicle would be having a relaxing journey. After all, the vehicle has been created and designed with sound deadeners that keep out unwanted noises and vibrations that could be quite distracting for everybody.

This vehicle also would be coming with features like power steering, climate control and electric windows in the front and rear that go up or down with just a press of a button. Entertainment is provided by an RDS radio that could also play CDs and could be used with MP3 players. Other amenities include automatic rain-sensing windscreen wipers, electrically adjustable front seats, as well as front fog lamps.

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