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A New Volvo Every Three Years For Detroit Doctor

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A New Volvo Every Three Years For Detroit Doctor

Sarah McBride
August 18, 2006

Every year, Volvo Cars gives out awards to those special individuals or organizations who do work hard to make the world a better place. In a sense, Volvo is out giving recognition and awards to people who can be called our everyday heroes.

And for this year, Volvo has already chosen the recipient for the “America’s Greatest Hometown Hero”. And the lucky one is Dr. Ingida Asfaw. Asfaw is the fourth recipient of this award which is part of the annual Volvo For Life Awards. And indeed, when Volvo does give out this award, it makes sure that the person is duly awarded for his entire lifetime.

Now if you are thinking that these recognized local heroes would be getting a Volvo vehicle, some cash, and some extra Volvo auto parts to match, then you better think again. This is one coveted award and Volvo is sure giving out good prizes. And Asfaw did receive some cool prizes that would last him a lifetime of doing good -- $50,000 plus one new Volvo vehicle every three years. This really is a good way to keep people on their toes and to keep them doing the good stuff that would help not only themselves but other people as well.

Dr. Asfaw has been born in the country of Ethiopia and now, he works as a heart surgeon. He did leave his country to find education in the United States but he did vow that he would soon be returning back to his country to be able to help out take care of the sick and the ill. He did return to Ethiopia through the international coalition that he created – the Ethiopian North American Health Professionals Association (ENAHPA). And it was a 2007 Volvo Xc90 V8 that Dr. Asfaw chose as his very Volvo vehicle.

Anne Belec is the president of the North American arm of Volvo Cars and she does state, “Every year, I am touched by the amazing stories and thousands of nominations we receive through the Volvo For Life Awards. Dr. Asfaw stands tall as a man who has devoted his energy and skills to addressing a devastating crisis in his homeland. It’s an honor for Volvo to help him advance his cause.”

Source:  Amazines.com

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