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Dodge delivers a Raging Hatchback with a Big Attitude

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Dodge delivers a Raging Hatchback with a Big Attitude

Jenny McLane
August 21, 2006

Dodge, envisioning a unique change, has come up with Caliber which has fresh features to replace the reviled Neon small car. Since its release, Caliber is receiving positive remarks from experts and enthusiasts alike.

2007 Dodge Caliber is a five-door hatchback similar to that of Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe. This new release from Dodge is designed to look like a petite sports utility vehicle but bigger than the Volkswagen Golf. Caliber is the first hatchback of Dodge since Shadow was discontinued in 1994. It was built in Illinois at Chrysler’s Belvidere plant and re-launched to serve the international market.

Experts are saying that Caliber has clever traits with most options. It has 172 rated horsepower four-cylinder engine coupled to a CVT and a choice to continuously have variable transmission. Six individual ratios are built in to offer manual-shift mode. Performance and fuel economy are the primary concerns of Caliber. It is packaged to have a bold style and crossover design with innovative features that up to now are wowing the car fanatics.

"We can completely shut off the fuel when the car decelerates not just cut back fuel flow as in cars with conventional transmissions”, says Larry Lyons, Chrysler Group’s vice president in charge of front-drive model. He further added, “The belt drive and ever-changing ratio between those pulleys make a smooth coast-down.”

Caliber is thriving with ‘dependable’ Dodge auto parts and accessories carrying the company’s slogan. Enthusiasts are saying that the latest from Dodge is stylish, clever and comfy. Equipped with gadgets like ceiling light that transforms into a detachable torch, MP3/iPod/mobile phone holder found in the centre console, lighted cup holders for a hot and aromatic coffee at midnight, glovebox drinks chiller and tailgate flip-down speakers plus an all-wheel drive (AWD) that has no traction control or an option to utilize front-wheel drive (FWD), power steering, defroster and rear-window wiper make Caliber’s system stable and trendy.

Nonetheless, the perceived foible of Caliber is its drivetrain. The car may abruptly jerk while slowing down and the driver has to hit the gas to circumvent it. However, comparing it with previous car annoyances such as coarse engines, repulsive controls as well as unaligned dashboard and center panels, Caliber has made a sweeping change to remedy them.

Source:  Amazines.com

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