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Newest Suzuki XL-7: Everything Japanese?

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Newest Suzuki XL-7: Everything Japanese?

Joe Thompson
August 22, 2006

Is the Suzuki XL-7 truly Japanese? Maybe. After all, it bears the mark and the brand of a Japanese auto manufacturer. But maybe there is more to the Suzuki XL-7 that is not so Japanese.

For 2007, the Suzuki XL-7 has been fully redesigned. But it still bears the mark and build of a midsized sport utility vehicle. For power, it uses the 3.6 liter V6 engine which has been built in Japan by an American auto manufacturer, General Motors. However, this engine still has the Japanese touch for there are still a few changes and revisions that Suzuki has done to make it unique. But as a whole, it still is the very same engine that the Pontiac G6 uses. But think again, the Suzuki XL-7 is built in Canada.

So we can say that the Suzuki XL-7 is a vehicle built with the design from the Japanese but holds the wants and fancy of the American market. After all, sport utility vehicles are one of the most popular and most sought after vehicles by citizens of the United States.

With superbly crafted Suzuki auto parts to keep the vehicle in good conditions for years and through various roads and terrain, the Suzuki XL-7 is going to be an exceptional vehicle. For power, the engine can create 252 units of horsepower plus 243 pound feet of torque. And this is just the kind of power and vehicle that Americans are on the hunt for. The transmission is Japanese, though. The vehicle has been equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission which allows the vehicle to speed from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than eight seconds. It also has the right amount of power to tow equipment that could weight a maximum of 3500 pounds.

Its fuel efficiency is just around average for it makes sure that it is able to meet the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, or the US. Driving in the city is around 18 miles per gallon while you could achieve some 24 miles per gallon for highway travails. And these figures are surely an improvement over the previous Suzuki XL-7 model.

Source:  Amazines.com

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