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Dodge Neon Accessories For Outstanding Performance

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Dodge Neon Accessories For Outstanding Performance

Anirban Bhattacharya
April 8, 2009

When the Dodge Neon SRT-4 came on the sports compact car scene in 2002-03, car enthusiasts rubbished the manufacturer’s claims of the car’s turbocharged engine reaching 60 mph from scratch in 5.9 seconds. As it turned out later the Dodge Neon SRT-4 bettered the record at 5.8 seconds! Costing under $ 20,000 it also went on to be voted the 2003 car of the year. It beat all the cars in its class at that time- the Nissans, the Subarus, the Mini Coopers, the Honda Civics, Hyundais, Mazdas and yes, the Volkswagens!

Following the performance of the car there was a boom in the sale of the Dodge Neon accessories. The Dodge Neon SRT-4 accessories which experienced boom time were the engine parts, cold air intakes, under hood items, throttle bodies and the like. Others were the SRT-4 brakes, its suspension and even its antenna masts. Professionals took a closer look at Dodge Neon accessories with an aim to achieving improved performance of the Dodge Neon car.

There was debate into the technical feasibility of upgrading to the Magnum 2.0 engine using an older Neon car. There were discussions on changing Goodyear tires to Goodrich tires for improved response and road grip. Performance improvement was also experienced on upgrading the muffler from a restricted variety to the RT model one. The engine running improved on addition of a K&N filter and when the air intake resonators were removed. Replacing spark plugs and their wires after 60,000 miles enhanced the performance of the engine further. Even a change of the plugs to OEM Champion helped improve engine performance. Further more, the use of improved mount inserts was found useful in removing wheel hop. The use of an additional and bigger throttle body contributed an extra 5 hp. The simple act of using under drive pulleys brought in a gain in both torque and horse power. Ultimately, one could gain a whopping 12 hp by using cam sprockets, better plugs, an improved K&N filter, an automatic throttle body and a drive pulley. Selected Dodge Neon accessories indeed helped improve car performance.

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Source: Amazines.com

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